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Los Angeles, California, United States

West L.A., Silverlake, Topanga Canyon with road trips to Sedona, AZ and Santa Fe, NM.

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True Story: White female writer falls under the spell of a West African shaman and gets caught in a tangled web of secret sex, polygamy and supernatural power.


MARSHA, white, middle-aged, successful writer and film industry pro, attends a West African ‘healing ceremony’ and is captivated by the ancient spiritual tradition, Ifa, being taught by the charismatic shaman, OBA. She studies drum and dance at the center run by Oba and his wife, MIRIAM, and grows increasingly fascinated by both the colorful ceremonies, and him.

Persuaded by Oba that polygamy is part of his indigenous religion, they fall into a steamy, stormy erotic relationship. However, because Miriam is American, not African, their relationship must be kept secret. Madly in love, Marsha soon becomes enmeshed in a cross-cultural soap opera that parallels the mythology of the orishas, African gods and goddesses she is studying.

When Oba is accused of sleeping with another student, both he and the young mixed-race woman deny it. Marsha suspects Oba is also in bed with another student, YVONNE (young, white). Oba assures Marsha that she’s being unfairly suspicious. But when Marsha is invited to a baby shower for yet another student, DEVMATA (heavyset, white), she learns that Oba is the baby’s father. Marsha feels the brush of Eshu, the Trickster orisha (sometimes mistaken for the devil), who tricks the unwary into self-sabotaging behavior.

Complicating matters, Miriam has made Marsha her confidante about ‘difficulties in her marriage’.

Marsha confronts Oba about Devmata. He admits the affair, and child, and begs forgiveness. Marsha insists he confess to Miriam; he agrees—but does nothing. Marsha, however, reveals her relationship with Oba to the very pregnant Devmata. Tears and revelations, but no surprises. They agree that Miriam must be told, and no matter the outcome, they two will be ‘sister wives’.

Soon the baby is born, a sweet mixed-race boy, ASHAY, and Marsha puts pressure on Oba--who finally confesses all to Miriam…Devmata, the baby…and Marsha.

Miriam explodes, calling Marsha a “home-wrecking snake”. Oba promises to stop seeing her—then calls Marsha, recants and persuades her to continue their affair in secret. Oba complains that Devmata is trying to turn him against Marsha….and sure enough Devmata soon calls Marsha and opts out of their ‘sister wives’ relationship.

Marsha continues having forbidden sex with Oba but then takes her own detour when ANTONIO, a beautiful Aztec dancer from Mexico, shows up and they end up in bed. When the alcoholic Antonio descends into hopeless depression, Marsha ends both relationships, spells broken, and moves to Mexico.

A year and a half later: Oba contacts Marsha. Much has changed. The center in Los Angeles has burned down. Oba has lost everything; he and Miriam have split. Marsha—still in love and convinced her man has changed—begins a monogamous, public relationship with Oba, who is a respected shaman, musician and teacher.

Marsha manages Oba as a musician and teacher. They travel together, teaching and performing. On the road, they make friends with other Nigerian drummers and enjoy a life filled with music, adventure, miracles and ceremony.

Marsha suspects Oba is sleeping with a new drumming student, JANE, an older, well-heeled, a psychiatrist. Oba denies it. Marsha telephones Jane and gets an answering machine with the upsetting message: “You’ve reached Jane and Oba.” Oba picks up; Marsha asks to speak with Jane. Jane is taken aback because Oba has been telling her that he and Marsha are just business partners. The two women untangle Oba’s web of dark deceptions.

Marsha marches to her car and starts throwing drums into the street. As if on cue, Shango, the orisha of thunder and lightning, cracks the sky and dumps a hard rain onto Oba and his precious drums. Oba convinces Jane to reconcile.

Two years later, Marsha gets a call that Oba is in critical condition in a hospital. Tragedy has struck. While he and Ashay were driving late at night, Oba fell asleep at the wheel and crashed the car. Ashay was killed instantly.

All four of Oba’s wives (Miriam, Devmata, Marsha and Jane) meet at the hospital. Marsha steps back from the bickering that begins as soon as Oba regains consciousness. At Devmata’s request, Marsha takes her to the accident scene and supports her during an agonizing conversation with the coroner. The wives discuss how to hide the injuries so that the young boy looks peaceful in death. Marsha is appalled by Miriam’s insincere sympathy.

Marsha puts the bitter tragedy, and Oba’s harem, behind her forever. As she pours honey in the river, she prays to Oshun, orisha of fresh water, love and eroticism, for healing and a sweeter love life.

  • Marsha Scarbrough

    Marsha Scarbrough You can hear the music that is at the heart of Honey in the River. Simply download the Honey in the River Soundtrack from itunes or Amazon Music.

    3 years ago -

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  • Marsha
    Female 50 Years old
  • Oba
    Male 50 Years old
  • Miriam
    Female 45 Years old
  • Devmata
    Female 45 Years old

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