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Glasgow, Glasgow City, United Kingdom

The main action takes place in various leafy vs gritty parts of Glasgow. Characters also travel to/live in the more 'genteel' city of Perth, about an hour North.

Present Day

Post 2014
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When the lovely GLORY dies in a car crash, her devoted sister GRACE, a personal trainer with control issues and a history of anxiety, charges in to care for widower STEPHEN, the two sons and Glory’s other baby: the café. Soon, Grace discovers hidden bank accounts and boxes of cash, and figures out her sister must have been engaged in criminal dealings.
A novice drawn into Glasgow’s underworld for answers, she learns Glory was paying off a debt to the café’s landlord by laundering money for the wholesaler, who now demands Grace take over the obligation. She can’t call on the police: Glory made her an unwitting accessory.
Grace is determined to keep her fingers clean and Glory’s family shielded, but her father throws her moral certainty into turmoil by asking her to continue laundering money to fund dementia care for Mum. As she struggles to extricate herself from her torturous holds, and with Glory’s intentions remaining unclear, Grace’s temper becomes volatile. The relationship with boyfriend DAVE suffers. She grows convinced Glory was murdered; others disagree.
Grace chooses to open up to Stephen to keep him safe. But he admits he knew about his wife’s crime because he’s being blackmailed at work: the landlord wants him to grant planning permission for a development, otherwise Glory’s deal with the wholesaler goes public.
Through an unexpected volte-face, the wholesaler releases Grace from her duties. In exchange, she informs on the back-stabbing landlord, naively causing his execution. Her initial shock is tempered by a sense of rightfulness forged by her increasingly blurred perception of black and white.
Uncovered photos and a chance chat with the Romanian delivery man reveal Glory had planned to free forced labourers at the wholesaler—the clearest motive for murder yet. Grace engages the police to take the criminals down, serving both justice and redemption for Glory.
Life regains a semblance of normality, albeit with mixed emotions. The police lack proof, so Grace accepts Glory’s death was not a murder. Her heart bleeds from her shattered sisterly bond, but her relationship with Dave blossoms (though he seems to always come second).
One day, Grace finds new clues at Glory’s house that raise suspicion on Stephen just as he comes home early. During a fight, he confesses to procuring a hit on Glory, infuriated by her criminal dealings’ impact on him. Dave appears and neutralises Stephen's attack on Grace but, in a rage, she batters the murderer into a coma—presented as self-defence to the police.
Grace moves into the house to care for the boys and Dave follows dutifully. Months later, Stephen remains comatose and, just as Grace embraces the suburban existence she previously sneered at, Dave declares he’s done living another man’s life. Feeling betrayed and anxious, with her ordered life spiralling out of control again, she turns on him. She threatens to tell the police he’s the one who attacked Stephen if he leaves: a final instance of servitude.

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