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Odesa, Odes'ka Oblast', Ukraine

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Submited by: William H Volpe III (Writer)
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The Volpe Consortium, Inc.

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The true story of a former US government contractor under SECRET Clearance that falls in love with a Russian-born Ukrainian woman and ends up in the middle of a battle in the current Ukrainian war that is responsible for the largest number of deaths in one day since the end of WW II.


William H. Volpé III, Wild Bill, grew up military and always wanted his chance to be involved in the family business. He felt it every day of his life. He was born on Parris Island on fourth of July weekend in 1968 and really felt like he had to live up to expectations. Parris Island became known as Hell Island because of all the people that died there while they were training to be a Marine.
As life went on, he got hurt and couldn’t join the military because of a car accident in his youth. However, he continued to learn to fight, computers, diving, and other skills and was recruited by the US government in 1989. This changed his life forever.
As time went on, he left the government and tried his hand at working a “normal” job, but he hated offices. For the most part, he became an independent contractor even though he had been a Master Business Analyst at Hewlett Packard. In time he had a beautiful house on Lake Travis in Austin, TX, but he could never stay home since he remained restless. He, ultimately, ended up running a Project Management Office for the Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia under the royal family in 2013. His project was meant to provide secure communications for the country and he saw much of the “scenery.”
That same year he had begun to grow closer to a Ukrainian woman born during the reign of the USSR and a descendant of one of the old Russian royal families. She had been a lawyer for the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine during the Cold War. After a while, when it came time to leave Saudi Arabia, he went to Ukraine to live with his wife-to-be, Natasha, instead of going home to Texas.
Unfortunately, timing was not the best for Natasha and Bill. War had come to Ukraine and it only made their problems worse. It was worse, because they already had cultural problems being a Russian and an American falling in love. In the end, they got married in secret just before the war got really bad. Most of Natasha’s family and friends didn’t even know about them.
Eventually, Russia invaded and took the southern tip of Ukraine, named Crimea. However, things didn’t stop there. Bill and Natasha lived in Odessa, Ukraine, which had the largest port on the Black Sea and was the target of many conflicts. It was also a beautiful city, which contributed to it being a target of many enemies.
On May 2, 2014, the conflict finally came to critical mass in Odessa. On that day, both the Russian occupation and the internal conflict in Ukraine came to a head and the city burned. It was the largest day of death in Ukraine since the end of WW II.
There weren’t many guns used in Ukraine and the weapons of choice were bricks and Molotov cocktails. Basically, the victims were burned alive. In fact, you could smell the burnt flesh for 3 days. This convinced Bill it was definitely time for a change, but there was another problem.
It was clear to Bill that he needed to get Natasha and himself out, but the USA had already denied her a visa, so that was not going to work. However, not long after he had gone to work for the US government, he knew he may need a backup plan for another country one day and a developed one. It was now time to dust it off.

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  • Gerard Butler
    Gerard Butler as William H. Volpe III
    Male 50 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Milla Jovovich
    Milla Jovovich as Natasha Volpe III
    Female 43 Years old
    © Getty Images

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