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Globe-hopping begins with recruiting in New Zealand, then tampering with the Australian government and influencing uranium mining policies before moving on to Hong Kong to work behind the scenes influencing the Red Chinese takeover of the British colony.

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Late 1970s through 1980s
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Submited by: Michael Hawron (Writer)
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Few people in the United States knew about the CIA’s two top-secret programs: Yin and Yang. Mitch Hawkins is an MIT student, an ordinary guy, who is about to be thrust into some quite extraordinary situations! He will have to rely on his wit to survive the globetrotting adventures awaiting!


The town of West Bush could be in any state. It’s a nondescript little slice of 1950s Americana, where kids stay out late riding their bikes and no one ever locks the door. This is where Mitch Hawkins, Bobby Murphy, Billy Shanahan, and Marty Lanzo grew up. The boys spent their childhoods together in this idyllic little hamlet. Everyone, including these four friends, thought West Bush was just a normal, even boring, town. No one realized its true secret.

West Bush may seem ordinary, but it houses some extraordinary people. It’s a town full of future spies!

When Mitch Hawkins leaves home for MIT, he gets his first and shocking glimpse of West Bush’s true importance. Mitch is one of the chosen ones, invited to join a secret government program overseen by the CIA. They have been watching him for years and think he has exactly what it takes to spy for his country!

As Mitch adjusts to the challenges and moral quandaries of espionage, he realizes something else. He isn’t the only one from West Bush who has been selected for this secret service, and now he and his childhood friends are in for some real international adventures!

Few people in the United States know about the CIA’s two new top-secret programs: Yin and Yang. Named for the ancient Asian symbols for light and dark, the organizations complement each other on missions throughout the globe. The Yang contingent operates in the light, gathering information about the many enemies of the United States. The Yin team works in the shadows, handling the black ops work that makes other agents squeamish.

So when a group of high-school friends are recruited by the CIA, they struggle to keep their consciences clear while dealing with moral dilemmas and international threats.

At the center of it all is Mitch Hawkins, an MIT student and newly minted spy. Mitch knows he’s just an ordinary guy, but he’s about to be thrust into some quite extraordinary situations! He will have to rely on his wit, skills, and friends to survive the globetrotting adventures awaiting him!

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  • Tom Hanks
    Tom Hanks as Mitch Hawkins
    Male 30s Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Christina Hendricks
    Christina Hendricks as Alexa Hawkins
    Female 30s Years old
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