Killer With A Heart - Killer Series Book 1
Killer With A Heart - Killer Series Book 1
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Bronx, New York, United States

Various neighborhoods in the Bronx and a part takes place in Miami.

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1970's Vietnam era New York
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Mrs. Johnson moved her son, Morris, from the gang violence of the South Bronx to save him from the world that took the life of his older brother, she couldn’t have imagined it would be the world that needed to be saved from her son.


The story begins at daybreak early June 1971. Morris is walking back to the corner hangout, Raven Social Club, reflecting on the events of the past evening. He has just survived an attempted mafia execution and has giving himself another alias, “Bulletproof”, because he survived the shootout in a bulletproof limousine. His reflections lead back several weeks to the plan hatched by Nicky Nails, his friend and self-appointed leader of the gang.
Nicky Nails, as he is called because he claims he can chew nails and spit bullets, is an up-and-coming Mafioso who can’t wait to get his bones. He tells the group of five boys, ranging in age from 15 to 18 years old, about a money drop of a rival mob family at the deli on the corner. The Deliman leaves his teenage daughter, Elizabeth in the shop as the bagmen make their drop-offs. The plan is for Bulletproof to distract the girl while the others sneak in and steal the money. It is supposed to be a quick and easy job, but the gang takes a month to crack the safe in the stock room. Bulletproof feels insulted by the Deliman and screws the daughter to ensure her silence, but her father finds out about it and orders him killed. After his escape from the bulletproof limo, he kills the Deliman.
The robbery, which nets 500 g’s, exposes the Banoa family short-changed the Rocci family and the Godfather. It sets the two mob families on an escalating path of war. The ‘Banana brothers’ (teenage sons of Joe Banoa) rob Nails’ drugs and money. The older of the Banana brothers has a crush on Morris’ girlfriend, Maria, and tries to steal her away from him. Her refusal is the final insult; Joey pulls a hit on the Raven Social Club and kills Maria and a couple of the other gang members.
When Morris was eight, his older brother was killed during a gang fight, Bulletproof wipes out the other gang and members of his own gang, Original Sinners, who do not support his vendetta. By the age of 12, he is the most feared and respected Warlord in the South Bronx. Now, with the death of Maria and her unborn child, he sets his sights on the Banoa family.
On the Fourth of July Bulletproof launches a two-foot rocket with a nitroglycerin warhead and it lands amidst the Banoa family’s fireworks display. The explosion and glass shrapnel kills the younger Banoa brother and several others, mobsters and civilians alike. The police call it a tragic accident, but everyone knows it’s all-out war.
Murder follows murder in barroom shoot outs and other deadly traps sprung by the boys. However, Joey Banana manages to elude Bulletproof’s vengeance just as he escapes Joe’s.
The pair track Joey to Miami where Russian hookers from the Doll House, a strip joint, whisk them off the street before they are spotted. Lana and other girls from the Doll House seduce the boys with sex and drugs while they keep a vigilance on the mansion Joey is holed-up in. Nicky is hatching a plan to get Joey to return to New York but is interested in what the girls are after. Finally, Yana tells them her boss kidnaps young girls from their villages for his prostitution business and Lana’s sixteen-year-old sister is next in line. They want Morris to kill their boss back in New York and they will poison Joey. Morris agrees to the hit. Nicky tells him it is dangerous to be a killer with a heart. Morris forbids the girls from going after Joey, he wants the pleasure of killing Joey.
Nails is told he can make his bones if he gets rid of his friend Bulletproof. He knows it is time to make a move on the Godfather that will force him to give up Joey Banana and end the contracts on their lives. Bulletproof confronts Joey Banana with the murder of his girlfriend and challenges him to a gladiator battle the next day at dawn. As Bulletproof is leaving, the Godfather tells him the little girl, Maria, is Elizabeth and his daughter.
Bulletproof finally kills Joey Banana. Nails sets up a hit on Bulletproof using one of the Black Gangs Bulletproof built up and Morris fakes his execution. Nails is a made-man and assumes the Banoa family. Bulletproof rigs Little Maria’s talking bear and she hands the bear to the Godfather, it injects the old man with the Russian poison.

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Cast Wish-List
  • Morris ‘Mojo’ Johnson
    Male 18 Years old
  • Nicky ‘Nails’ Rocci
    Male 18 Years old
  • Maria Marino
    Female 18 Years old
  • Joey Banoa
    Male 18 Years old
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