Killer With Three Heads - Killer Series Book 2
Killer With Three Heads - Killer Series Book 2
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Bronx, New York, United States

The story starts with MoJo Johnson return to the Bronx and his search for his daughter. You journey around the world to Aruba, Columbia, Egypt, the U.S.S.R. and Venezuela as you follow MoJo's rise as an international criminal.

Recent Past

Mid Eighties - Reagan era war on drugs.
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It's been ten years since the Banoa-Rocci war. It is all but forgotten in New York City. Then the unthinkable happens, someone has kidnapped Maria and her nanny Akilina, and resurrected the Devil. Bulletproof Morris 'Mojo' Johnson has been missing for the last four years. He returns in a hailstorm of bullets looking for his daughter, and more importantly, her kidnappers. He is ready to reignite the old conflicts, or start a new one with whoever would be so bold.


Bulletproof Morris ‘Mojo’ Johnson returns to New York as John Morrison after 10 years absence to find the people responsible for kidnapping his daughter, Maria. After faking his death, Morris went to Aruba and the Bahamas to run the drug business. Elizabeth and Maria join him in Aruba. There he is recruited by the NSA to train commandoes to fight in Colombia in the War on Drugs. He trains Vicky to be an assassin and a commando. He becomes a weapons dealer and develops guided missile and drone technology.
Nicky ‘Nails’ is about to replace his father as the head of the New York Mafia. His ties to the street gangs is strong and even though he hasn’t seen Morris in four years, since he disappeared in Colombia in 1980, the two are still thick as thieves. Nicky’s power is being challenged. Chicago Mafia is trying to take control by splitting the New York families. Against Nicky wishes Mojo sent gang members to Chicago, a move that threatened both organizations.
Mojo knows that FBI agent Tom Green is behind the kidnapping of his daughter, he doesn’t know if Tom Green is working for the Chicago mob or the government. Both would benefit by proving he is still alive. The Chicago mob would use the information to undermine Nicky’s position. The government could force Mojo to turn over the technology he developed, and silenced his knowledge that the War on Drugs was really an attempt to take over the Venezuelan oil fields.
Senator Carter and Representative Webber used the war on drugs to push the Colombian drug lords across the border into Venezuela to destabilize the government. When Mojo realizes they plan to kill Vicky to get her brother a Senator on several Subcommittees to okay a secret war in Venezuela, he warns the drug lords to stand their ground. He gives Nicky a list of all the DEA and Special Forces units operating around the world to use if Vicky is harmed. Morris takes three shots to the chest on a raid that is a setup to kill Vicky. He winds up in a Venezuelan labor camp where he is tortured until he comes up with the plan to build the Commander’s secret airstrip in a river bed. He escapes with the help of the Commander’s Venezuelan sex slave, Giselle. He destroys the base and shoots down two MIGs before him and the girl are picked up by a British aircraft carrier.
The British help him sneak into California to meet Yana on her wedding day. He takes her on her honeymoon after striking a deal with her movie producer husband for a satellite communications company and not killing him. He takes Yana back to Russia to show everyone how successful she has become. They stay in the Baltic and Egypt for two years until her husband suspicious death.
It is now that MoJo informs Vicky of the plot to kill her by the agent working with them, the man she had fallen in love with and married in his absence. Vicky kills her husband and rejoins Morris who now must returns to New York to deal with those that kidnapped Maria and Akilina.
Morris kidnaps the FBI agents working out of Elizabeth house and hides Elizabeth. His plan is to force FBI Agent Sam Black to track down his former partner Tom Green and Sgt. Warren, an NSA operative, so he can have his revenge.
Mojo captures Tom Green as he tries to escape Mafia hitmen at his hideout in Louisiana. He skins the man alive to get the final location of Sgt. Warren and the NSA agents behind the kidnapping.
The girls are held in a trailer home inside a warehouse. They try to escape by using an iron to set fire to the bed. When that fails, they stab and kill one of their captors in a second escape attempt. Maria is forced to watch as Akilina is raped and killed.
Morris had place a tracking RF chip in Maria’s body as a baby and uses his communication company to track her down. Him and his commandoes rescues Maria. Her and Elizabeth are secluded in the Greek Islands with Morris, Yana and Giselle. Vicky is reunited with her brother.
He uses a cruise missile to destroy the bunker in Washington D.C. where Sgt. Warren runs his operation. The government gets the technology for the missile. The two Congressmen, who ordered kidnapping, are murdered.

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  • Morris Johnson / John Morrison
    Male 0 Years old
  • Nicky 'Nails' Rocci
    Male 0 Years old
  • Maria Delitanni
    Female 10 Years old
  • Akilina Volkov
    Female 26 Years old
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