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Small mid west town and another world were bird race live
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To save its adopted home, an alien parasite hiding on Earth asks humans to reach out to its ancient enemy.


An alien parasite living on Earth for thousands of years fears her supply of hosts is threatened when humans venture into space, unaware of the war that brought her here. To save her adopted home, she must reach out to her ancient enemy. But first, she needs a new host.
Kindra, a small-town lawyer contacts Mike Murphy, named executor for the estate of the town’s reclusive millionaire. Together they learn of the millionaire’s alien parasite who has selected Mike to be the next host. When Mike becomes a host, he inherits all the knowledge of his parasitic friend and the responsibility to continue her scheme to get her ancient enemy, the avian Aquilans to protect Earth from her former hosts, the feline Pantherans.
When Kindra learns the plan is to use David, an unsuspecting scientist, as bait, her sense of fairness collides with her promise to help and she injects herself into the plan. Allowing herself to be kidnapped with David by the Aquilans, she attempts to win their trust and friendship while hiding her knowledge of the plan.
Captain Narete of the Aquilan ship that captured the humans, expected an enemy. Disappointed and embarrassed, she takes an instant dislike to the humans as inferior beings and plans to learn all she cares to by autopsy. But two of her crew recognize the fierce intelligence humans possess, and feel a moral obligation to help them. When the ship lands, Kindra and David escape only to find the humans on the Aquilan world are mindless work animals.
Concerned for the pair, Mike uses David’s equipment to send them messages of encouragement and ideas on how to get back home. He modifies the machine to teleport them back to the planet, but brings the hostile captain to Earth by mistake.
Mike’s scientific knowledge cause David to speculate Mike is really a Koiniobi, the insect leaders of the Pantherans who are at war with the Aquilans. He suspects being set up and confronts Kindra.
Aware of what the Aquilans might do if they find out Earth is home to one of their enemies, Kindra can’t risk telling David the truth. Despite her silence, David promises to trust her, deepening Kindra’s guilt.
David and Kindra make friends with the Aquilans and secure a ride back to Earth aboard a private ship. On the way, the tentative friendship is threatened by the suspicions of the ship’s captain. The captain argues that the humans should be killed rather than returned. His suspicions come to fruition when David and Kindra save his defenseless ship from Pantheran attack drones. Even more damning is the instant chemistry between the humans and the Pantherans when the Aquilan ship is captured and boarded.
Knowing Pantherans leave no one alive, the Aquilans are astonished when they take David with them and leave behind one of their own. Kindra, thinking David has sacrificed himself, is riddled with guilt at having withheld knowledge that could have saved him. She sees the lone Pantheran slink to the airlock floor in depression as the Pantheran ship departs. Sharing the big cat’s grief, Kindra lies down beside it.
Her Aquilan friends are shocked by her actions and fear the captain was right. Still feeling an attachment to Kindra and sadness at the loss of David, they leave Kindra’s life in the captain’s hands. The captain has thoughts of his own which he does not share. As his hand rests over the buttons that will free or kill Kindra, he reverses his opinion and takes Kindra home.

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  • Mike
    Male 25 Years old
  • Kindra
    Female 30 Years old
  • David
    Male 30 Years old
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