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New York City, New York, United States

The novel is set in Manhattan, Maui and Malibu.

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Lucky is the story of a New York City copywriter who desperately wants a baby and wins over $200 million in a lottery. She thinks all her problems are solved but she still has to deal with a husband who may be cheating on her and an ambitious producer who is filming a reality TV show about her.


MARIA, an ambitious reality TV producer gets the green light to shoot a pilot for Lucky, a show about Lottery winners. She hopes the show will impress her father, a well-respected judge who never wanted her to go into show business.
KAT, a copywriter at an ad agency, desperately wants a baby but is told by her husband MICHAEL that they can’t afford to have a child and they have nowhere to raise it, in their tiny Manhattan studio apartment. Michael is a very handsome out of work actor who is financially dependent on Kat.
Unbeknownst to Kat, Michael is having an affair with ERICA, a woman in his acting class.
On a whim, Kat buys a Lottery ticket. The night of the Lottery drawing, Kat is jealous because Michael is late coming home from his acting class. When he finally arrives home, drunk and disheveled after a night with Erica, Kat confronts him. He lies and says he’s just been out drinking after class. Worried because she doesn’t want to become a paranoid wife, Kat decides to believe his explanation, but she still feels anxious.
The next day at work, Kat remembers the Lottery ticket and checks the Lottery website. She is stunned to see that she’s the winner and quits her job. She decides she will try to become a novelist, now that she no longer has to work.
After the Lottery press conference, where Michael is thrilled to be in front of all the cameras, Maria approaches Michael and Kat to ask them about being on the show. Kat is not interested but Michael sees the show as an opportunity to become famous. The next day, at the studio apartment, Michael tells Kat he will do the show with or without her. Because she doesn’t want to live in separate apartments, while the show is being shot, Kat agrees to be on the show although she dreads the idea about being in front of the camera all the time. Maria is elated that they agree to be on the show.
Kat and Michael start living like millionaires by looking for a townhouse in Manhattan. Maria, trying to increase drama for the show, gets the realtor to come on to Michael. Kat has a jealous meltdown on camera. Maria is thrilled because she has scored ratings gold but she also feels a little dirty and she wonders what her father would think if he could see how she manipulates people.
Michael is sexually frustrated because Kat doesn’t want to make love with the cameras that are in their home so he sneaks away to see Erica. They make love without a condom. Erica breaks up with Michael when she realizes that being a star on a reality TV show is more important to him than her feelings.
Maria manipulates Michael into buying $170,000 worth of jewelry at a Sotheby’s auction for Kat’s Christmas present. Initially Kat is upset, because Michael spent so much more than the limit they put on their gifts, but she forgives him when he presents her with the diamond engagement ring he couldn’t afford when they got married. Michael suggests that they have a recommitment ceremony – a wedding to make up for the one that they didn’t have when they got married at town hall. Kat loves the idea and wants to get married in Maui.
Erica confronts Michael, on camera, to tell him that she is pregnant and he is the father. Michael, scared that Kat will find out, denies ever being with Erica. She threatens to tell Kat and the press about the baby. In order to keep her quiet, Michael agrees to pay her $30,000 to help out while she is pregnant. He calls his money manager and asks him to make the check out to cash. He worries what will happen, when Kat sees the episode with Erica announcing the pregnancy but decides he will deal with the issue, closer to the air date.
When Kat and Michael move into their $20,000,000 townhouse, she tells him that she wants to get pregnant, now that they can afford it. Michael convinces her to wait until after the Maui wedding, so she will look gorgeous in the wedding photos. Michael can’t deal with the idea that Kat will become pregnant at the same time that Erica is carrying his child. He doesn’t want the responsibility of being a father.
Maria has been previewing clips of the show on YouTube, before the first episode is broadcast, and Kat and Michael are getting recognized on the street. Women are throwing themselves at Michael and Kat is struggling to deal with all the attention Michael is getting. Thanks to his exposure on the reality show, Michael gets cast in a TV show about cops and will be shooting in Los Angeles for six weeks.
The ratings come out, after the first episode airs and Maria has a hit. Her boss is happy but she is starting to feel increasingly uncomfortable with what she has to do to get the great ratings.
At the wedding in Maui, Michael misses the ceremony because he is arrested for drunk driving after the bachelor party. Kat goes to the reception without him and decides not to go with him to Los Angeles but to focus on her writing instead. Kat is starting to realize that Michael is selfish and immature but she still loves him.
While shooting the cop show in Los Angeles, Michael buys a mansion in Malibu, so he can be bi-coastal. He also starts going out at night to hook up with women, while Kat is in New York. Maria hires a private detective to follow him and get evidence of his infidelity. She plans to show Kat the evidence while filming her reaction for Lucky. Maria feels unclean and starts to question whether she wants to be in reality television. Her father thinks the show is trash and she wonders whether she should work on documentaries instead.
Michael asks Kat to produce a movie with the remaining money they have from winning Lottery. It is the only way he thinks he can star in a feature film. Kat agrees, only if Michael tries to get her pregnant.
Erica’s baby is born and she slaps Michael with a paternity suit. Realizing he can’t hide Erica’s baby from Kat any longer, Michael tells her over dinner in a restaurant. Kat throws a glass of wine in his face and storms out, followed by Maria and the camera man.
Maria shows Kat evidence of Michael’s sleeping around with other women. She even admits to sleeping with Michael herself. Kat throws Maria out and tells her she is off the show. When Michael comes home, Kat tells him she wants a divorce.
A few months later, Maria decides to quit reality TV and work on documentaries. Michael is working on his vanity movie project and wants to be more involved with his baby’s life. Kat is happy working on her novel but thinks she may be pregnant. No matter what the pregnancy test shows, Kat is happy with her life, without Michael.

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Cast Wish-List
  • Karen Gillan
    Karen Gillan as Kat Davidson
    Female 34 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Alex Pettyfer
    Alex Pettyfer as Michael Davidson
    Male 32 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Jessica Alba
    Jessica Alba as Maria Gonzales
    Female 36 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Megan Fox
    Megan Fox as Erica Rosetti
    Female 30 Years old
    © Getty Images

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