Magic Trixie and the Crystal Witch
Magic Trixie and the Crystal Witch
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Branson, Missouri, United States

Most of the story takes place in PerAmbras, a different world where magic is real and powerful.

Present Day

starts in our world, then moves to another where magic reigns.
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Readers say it's like "The Wizard of Oz meets The Lord of the Rings."


Magic Trixie is the nine-year-old daughter of a famous stage magician, and knows all of his tricks inside and out. Imagine her surprise, however, when she is suddenly kidnapped and taken to a world where Magic is greater than Science, where her daddy is a Real Magician, and where Trixie herself is the Princess who should have inherited the Throne when her mother Janissa, daughter of the last King, was murdered by her evil sister!
Now Trixie is running across the land with Rollo, one of her daddy's old friends who helped her escape the witch's clutches, and seeing just how much her people are suffering. They are joined by a traveling minstrel and a strange little creature who was once a soldier and a friend of Rollo, and aided by her father's old teacher.
Meanwhile, her daddy and stepmom are also in that world, trying to get to the castle to fight for the child they love. They gain allies along the way, Elves and Ogres and humans who are willing to fight for their beloved Little Princess.
When little Trixie realizes what all of this means, how her people have suffered under her aunt's cruelty, she decides that it doesn't matter how young she is--it's time for a Reckoning! Come along as the entire land rallies behind her as she races back to the castle for an Epic Final Battle, and a surprise ending that no one can foresee.

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