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Key Largo, Florida, United States

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Historic Civil War fashbacks of the slave, David.
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The clock is ticking...only 24 hours left...Fred must choose now! The Locust lays on the ocean floor...waiting for him!


In MESSAGE OF THE LOCUST, Fred Roberts has accidentally stumbled into a slave versus slave owner hatred that has lasted for over 100 years. While chasing an octopus during Fred's first Scuba dive, his fin gets trapped in some metal debris. He panics and is forced to remove his foot from the fin. In his struggle to retrieve his fin, he sees the metal was part of a ship's nameplate--The Locust. His relief at freeing his foot is suddenly overcome by his curiosity surrounding the ship. Fred becomes young again and wants to know more than just the name of the ship...he wants to know its history and its purpose. He becomes addicted to the excitement of his quest.

But as Fred chases history, he begins to stir Pandora's box. He learns what two families have been searching for ever since the ship went down with only one survivor-----a very unique slave. As Fred's search for the ship's past intensifies, the two families surface and both contrive to lay claim to the unbeknownst to Fred treasure that lies within the wreck that has been hidden for so many generations.
As all parties surface, Fred finds himself and his family threatened. His chase for adventure turns into a fight for his life, as well as a very soul searching hard choice

  • Richard Marcum

    Richard Marcum Thanks to Ana and Ron for letting me participate with my stories. They are providing a service that is long overdue. And I appreciate it so much.

    3 years ago -

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