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Miami, Florida, United States

The film takes place in a bar at the airport.

Present Day

Present day airport
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“Missed Connections” is a character-driven romantic comedy about an unseemly connection at an airport bar between a middle aged man whose love life has been less than lackluster, and a beautiful young woman whose charisma lingers in the room long after she’s gone, and the way they circle the plane around their obvious chemistry.


Greg, a man whose worn down face tells the story of a life that’s felt long, finds himself in an airport bar before his flight. Couples surround him, seemingly everywhere he looks,
and the jealousy serves as a reminder that he himself is alone. Enter Amy, the beautiful young girl who lights up every room she enters. Amy and Greg connect over college
sports and cherry stems, and for the first time, Greg feels something real; perhaps even an opportunity for romance. When he hears the final boarding call for his flight, Greg makes a big decision – he skips his flight to spend time with Amy. The gesture is not reciprocated, however, when Amy leaves to board her own flight shortly after. Greg is
sorely disappointed, until Amy returns. But by then, it’s too late. Greg refuses to welcome her back to his good graces because she says her flight was cancelled, so her
actions still hurt him; he doesn’t feel like she chose to be with him. The two drink angrily on opposite sides of the bar, obviously ignoring one another, and Amy strikes up a
conversation with another man. Greg fumes with jealousy and rage, and when Amy gets up and leaves the bar with the man, it’s the final straw. He has an idea. Suddenly, Amy is
met outside the bar, where she was just using the restroom, by a scary security guard – someone has suggested that she left explosives in her bag. A full on battle ensues; after
fighting with the guard, Amy is handcuffed, and then blurts out that Greg was her accomplice. He is also arrested and the two are led away in custody. While they’re en
route to the interrogation rooms, it comes out that Amy did in fact choose to miss her flight for Greg. They both struggle against their restraints to get to one another, realizing
their love is true, and they manage to sneak in one kiss before they’re both led away to their interrogation rooms.

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Cast Wish-List
  • Jason Segal
    Jason Segal as Greg
    Male 0 Years old
  • Amy
    Female 0 Years old
  • Dennis O'Hare
    Dennis O'Hare as Bartender
    Male 0 Years old
  • [Young] Jude Law
    [Young] Jude Law as Boyfriend
    Male 0 Years old

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