Murder in Keswick: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery
Murder in Keswick: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery
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Keswick, Cumbria, United Kingdom

Lake District, UK, summer

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Late Victorian Britain (1898)
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Submited by: william todd (Writer)
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While on holiday in the Lake District Holmes and Watson help the local constable investigate the murder of a local aristocrat who has been found missing his head


To get away from the toils of London Watson convinces Holmes to take a holiday in Keswick, in the Lake District. However, when they exit the train they hear news of a grisly murder. A local aristocrat, Mr. Robert Darcy, has been found missing his head. He was supposed to be in a nearby town, Workington, west of Keswick along the coast but was found along side of the road east of town.
They are asked by the local constable, Mr. Wickham, if they would help. Holmes and Watson begin investigating his habits and start by going to a local inn, the Royal Oak, where he ate lunch almost daily. They speak to Mrs. Morwenna Mcglinn, a pregnant, little waitress who served him exclusively, and she told them about Mr. Darcy's particular habits of always eating the same thing and sitting in the same seat.
That very night the widow, a strong-willed, wealthy American heiress, devastated by the news of her husband, finds a stranger in her home who, upon seeing her, abandons his plans and quickly leaves. She believes the intruder to be the murderer who is after a large sum of money kept in the house safe, the only keys to which were on necklaces worn by her and her husband. She calls upon Wickham, who quickly retrieves Holmes and Watson. Once she explains things, they realize why Mr. Darcy was decapitated--to get at his key. Holmes devises a plan to catch the burglar, but Mrs. Darcy must leave to make the home look empty. She agrees to stay at a friend's house out of town.
The next day, after speaking to Morwenna McGlinn once more, Holmes must go to Workington for more inquiries to theories he is unwilling to divulge and leaves Watson alone in Keswick, while Constable Wickham, investigates possible Gypsy involvement when one was found with Mr. Darcy's overnight bag.
Things come to completion as Holmes returns that night just in time from his inquiries to set the trap with Watson and Wickham at the widow's home. By this time, he knows who the burglar/murderer is but does not reveal anything because they are in the darkened house waiting for the intruder and he arrives before Holmes can reveal anything. Watson and Wickham are surprised to find out that the intruder is Mr. Darcy himself. He and Morwenna McGlinn were having an affair and when she became pregnant with his child concocted the idea of killing her husband, cutting off his head, switching clothes with Mr. Darcy and passing her dead husband off as the dead Mr. Darcy, since they were both similar in size. Mr. Darcy would steal the money from the safe, and they would start life anew, somewhere else, very happy and very rich. As Mr. Darcy is confessing to all of this, a shot rings out, piercing the window he sits by, killing him where he sits. The murderer escapes on horseback. Holmes thinks that Mrs. Darcy, wanting to see who killed her husband, secretly came back to her house only to see her husband still alive. She killed him with a derringer pistol she kept in her pocket upon hearing his confession of love for Morwenna and his unborn child. As it turns out, her friends, the wealthy and prestigious bankers, the Rutherfords, vouched that she had been at their house the entire night, and no one will question their integrity. In the end, after giving birth, Morwenna hangs for her part in killing her husband, but Mrs. Darcy gets away with killing hers. Holmes knows that Mr. Darcy would hang also for his part in the murder of Mr. McGlinn so doesn't feel inclined to pursue Mrs. Darcy, feeling justice had ultimately been done, regardless of who the executioner was.

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  • Sherlock Holmes
    Male mid 40's Years old
  • Dr. Watson
    Male mid 40's Years old
  • Constable Wickham
    Male mid 20's Years old
  • Mr. Darcy
    Male early 30's Years old
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