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Miami, Florida, United States

Set in Miami the hub of Spanish / Spanglish television.

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The late 1990s, during the rise of Spanish TV networks in the U.S.
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Submited by: Ronald Karasz (Writer)
Writer(s): Scotty Kowall
Agent(s): Benitez Karasz & Associates
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The comedic mishaps of two friends working at a "Spanglish" TV network. George Orbea, the host of the children's block of programming and his friend and manager, Ron Kay, don't realize how good they have it, all the while wishing to break out in the English TV Market.


“O! George” is uttered from time to time by wife, family and friends, and is the title of the TV show he stars in. George Orbea is the host of a Saturday morning kids show on a U.S. Spanglish network called “Unimundo.” At every turn he’s trying to attain the “American Dream” of stardom and prosperity, without realizing that he’s closer than he knows. Along with his “best” friend, Ron Kay, they always seem to be working on one scheme or another, a business deal, or the next great project that will launch George into the general market and place Ron among the producing/managing elite like Speilberg and Spelling. Ron used to work at Unimundo’s Sports Department, but as the token “gringo,” he felt it would be better to leave and pursue “business opportunities,” in which he’s always trying to convince George to take part of. George and Ron, who think alike, are very different in public. George becomes the consummate extrovert; bubbly, boisterous and gregarious while Ron is the prankster and reserved one. Both George and Ron are married and their wives are good friends. George and his wife Isa, “Isabel” have been trying to have children of their own, but so far have been unable, and are about to begin extreme measures. Ron and his wife, Ana, are just about to announce that they’re expecting their first born. This will put George’s life into the greatest turmoil he has ever experienced.

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Cast Wish-List
  • Rami Malek
    Rami Malek as George Orbea
    Male 42 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Dax Shepard
    Dax Shepard as Ron Kay
    Male 40 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Michelle Rodriguez
    Michelle Rodriguez as Isabel Orbea
    Female 37 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Danna Garcia
    Danna Garcia as Ana Kay
    Female 37 Years old
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