PEGASUS: A Journey To New Eden
PEGASUS: A Journey To New Eden
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The story take place in space aboard the starship Pegasus mainly, in the colonies around Earth, and on Mars.

Near Future

Middle of the 21st Century is a dark time of power and greed set against the desolation of space exploration.
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A futuristic world where technology has replaced God and mankind struggles to retain its humanity.


Zackary Topps is an indentured worker for United Space Industries. He is on a shuttle from USI Colony 5 to the Pegasus workstation for a twelve-hour shift. His life, like everyone else’s, is hell. It is the mid-twenty-first century and mankind has stepped into the future with a reckless disregard for humanity.
Technology has taken a giant leap forward. Advancement in manufacturing the Space Spider, a fusion reactor, makes mining asteroids a profitable venture. The Space Spider, developed by USI, ushered in a new age of colonization. Like colonization in past centuries, it resurrected the same vices of bygone eras, starting with prisons and quickly expanding to other industries and societies.
Pegasus is the upside of this technological revolution. The first starship is destined for a four-year one-way trip to Alpha Centauri. She is an Ark; USI has transplanted Earth aboard Pegasus for the journey. For Zack, and his fiancée Zuri, they couldn’t leave fast enough.
Leaving a corrupt world is not easy. The Saudi Royal family wants Pegasus for themselves and starts a nuclear war to cover their attempted high-jacking. However, they fail to leave Colony 5 in time and Pegasus is launched with just Zack and Zuri onboard. The United States Space Defense Station, commanded by General Newton, leads the worldwide devastation while simultaneously gathering up the space colonies. The lovers watch as the world tears itself apart in all-out nuclear war.
Zack and Zuri are trapped on Pegasus, not knowing where it is headed. They know there are still a few thousand left alive in the colonies of Mars and the moons of Jupiter, but without the ability to contact them, they are virtually the last of mankind. To take control of Pegasus they enlist the aid of the ship’s artificial intelligence, The Teacher.
Isolation drives Zack to rebel against technology, reverting to a primal existence. While Zuri is absorbed by Pegasus as she fights off her fear of loneliness. They gain knowledge of their destination, Mars, and Zack executes a dangerous plan to commandeer the ship from its security lockout. He unleashes a lion on Zuri and when the computer can’t stop the attack it transfers control to him to intervene. The incident returns childhood memories and fears that Zuri had buried and Zack didn’t know existed.
On Mars, insanity preceded them. The colonists died fighting over survival plans. Zack commits to finishing Mars’ conversion to a viable habitat for any stragglers who will need a new home. Zuri discovers she is pregnant and this brings them joy and hope on Pegasus. It is short lived. A problem arises at the colony and Zack returns alone during a monstrous dust storm. He enters the work area with an active spider, a deadly mistake.
Heavily pregnant, Zuri mounts a rescue mission. Zack relies on his army training to survive until Zuri reaches him. The stress of the mission sends her into labor and she has a natural childbirth on Mars. They return to Pegasus and begin searching the space around Earth that is shrouded in radioactive dust. Pegasus transforms into the Garden of Eden as the pair decide to disengage most of the security systems that keep the animals within their habitats. Life is idyllic.
Zack studies the reports from probes launched into the cloud. Zuri calls him, one-year-old David is missing. An exhaustive search of the ship turns up empty and Zuri descends into a catatonic state. Zack, sure that God has cursed them, prepares to destroy Pegasus and put an end to humanity for good.
David reaches out to them from within the Teacher. The boy’s intellect is accelerated beyond comprehension. For Zuri, it is a miracle, to Zack, the Teacher has returned a monster. David recounts the survival of the Earth’s colonies, now facing certain doom. They plead with David to save the people, and he takes them to a part of the ship that had been hidden from them; a nursery of thousands of incubating children. This is Pegasus’ real mission.
Zack convinces David that to survive while letting others die, especially those who are counting on their intervention, is the same as destroying the ship. They return to earth just in time to help some escape. Gen Newton is trapped within the aggregating dust cloud, the fate he had planned for those who defied his authority.
Pegasus survives the rescue but it takes twenty years to recover from the damage. She finally lands on the blackened Earth and renames it New Eden.

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Cast Wish-List
  • Zackary Tops
    Male 25 Years old
  • Zuri Mujaji
    Female 21 Years old
  • General Christopher Newton
    Male 50 Years old
  • Bob Marshall
    Male 50 Years old
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