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Blood of a Queen - Trilogy

"A secret so deadly, she should've stayed hidden." Download the free LAYAR app from itunes or Google Play and scan the book cover for a more interactive experience.
Submited By: Toi Powell(Writer)
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Posted: Jun 07, 2017
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Television Screen / Theatrical
Queens Village New York US
Present Day

Ruby is 21 and has been sheltered her entire life for reasons unbeknownst to her. Her mother and stepfather have decided after 15 years to finally get married. When the opportunity presents itself to have her plan the wedding, she chooses a location in a city she has been forbidden to return to. When she runs into an old family friend, secrets about her family unravel, placing her in grave danger and genuine fear of her life.

A secret so deadly, she should have stayed hidden. A young woman’s newfound independence takes her into the heart of a dangerous city in New York; a place her parents forbade her to return to. Ruby, beautiful, yet, sheltered and naive, unearths a web of deception, betrayal and love triangles. She stumbles upon a family secret so deadly, she makes it her mission to prove the serious accusations against her family untrue. A forbidden love interest emerges on her quest for truth and Ruby struggles between following her young heart, or remaining loyal to a long lost childhood friend who has recruited her help to solve a crime; a crime that will turn her family’s lives upside down. With the help of her cousin Sheila, the duo uncovers hidden secrets from not only her past, but those closest to her; resetting the wheels in motion to overthrow a troubled, yet, powerful Kingpin upon her arrival. Dangerous, thrilling and seductive, the Blood Of A Queen Series is a tale of an insatiable thirst for freedom and hidden truths that will take you on a journey to the deepest darkest places in New York to find it.

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Toi Powell

@Oscar Thanks! I Have the ARC preview of the 1st 7 chapters we revealed at Book Con this past weekend in NYC. Some huge excitement around it. It's called 'A King's Ransom' and it's due late fall early winter of 2017.

Oscar Marruecos

Hey, Looks great! Is there a second book alredy?

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Nicole Beharie as Sheila Matthews

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