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An assassin who targets the criminal 1% ends up in the crosshairs of a Secret Service agent after he eliminates the presidential candidate under her protection.


Assassin, MAX KINSEY, has a problem. The Mexican drug lord who’d been his best client just tried to have him killed. He can’t have that so Max puts him down. But now, he’s short on the funds he needs to finance his vendetta. During his teen years, a legal scam triggered the loss of his family’s farm and sent his dad off the deep end. He murdered their entire family before shooting himself. Max only survived because his brother, JACK, took the brunt of the shotgun blast meant for him. While he recovered, Max vowed to find the responsible party and repay the favor. But that takes money. And his client just stiffed him.

Journalism major, KEISHA “KIKI” SPEARS, has a plan. The asshat running for president will be hosting a rally nearby. Silently protesting at said rally while webcasting it live kills two birds with one stone. Kiki and her friends/classmates will cruise into home with As all round and she’ll get to take a stand against the dude running for Bigot-in-Chief. #Winning

Secret Service Agent, SARAH DOTSON, has a tough job to do. Her colleague is about to go on paternity leave so she’s been tasked with heading up the security detail for FRANKLIN BUNDT. She’s great at what she does, but Bundt has quickly established himself as an equal opportunity hater. The list of people NOT wanting him dead is shorter. Still, Sarah is a professional and she will do everything in her power to keep him safe.

Spoiler Alert: She fails.

Kiki’s plan goes way sideways. While she and her friends are being escorted out for protesting, GARETH, a retired vet, decides to teach the uppity little black girl a lesson. He sucker punches Kiki in the face and sends her sprawling down a flight of stairs. Sarah swoops in to protect Kiki from the riled up supporters until her detail can get her to safety.

Kiki’s friends call Max. He needs to know what happened to his little sister. The timing couldn’t be worse. After being stiffed by the cartel, he went begging for an assignment from his old boss, GRAY SHAO. The plane is about to take off when he gets the call. Tottering between fear for her safety and anger at her stupidity, Max lights into Kiki. She put their mission in jeopardy. Thing is, she handles the admin portion of their assassination business while he’s the boots on the ground. Neither of them can afford to be on anyone’s radar.

Speaking of radars, Max is not thrilled when Sarah shows up on their doorstep. She wants Kiki to attend a Bundt-hosted mediation between her and her attacker. The family resemblance is not obvious so Sarah doesn’t know what to make of this pissed off white dude who can obviously handle himself guarding Kiki. It’s not until Kiki recognizes Sarah as the person who protected her after the attack that Max backs off. A little.

Convinced she’s going to get an apology, Kiki agrees to the meeting. Bundt publicly humiliates her instead. Max rushes a devastated Kiki out of there while Bundt holds a press conference praising Gareth for being a hero and “correcting a wayward youth.”

Surprisingly, this is not what gets Bundt killed. Now that his numbers have rebounded, he holds another rally where he rails against private military contractors. They’re nothing but corrupt, ineffective thieves. Gray catches the speech and puts out the hit. He’ll show Bundt who’s ineffective.

Max hears of the assignment at the same time RAMON “THE DRONE” GARCIA does. A Bundt supporter just told him to “go back to Mexico” in front of his kid so Ramon wants the job as much as Max does.

Gray makes Max grovel since he stood him up on the last job, but at the end of the day, he doesn’t care who he pays. Max is determined to beat Ramon to the punch. And not just for the money. He can’t allow Sarah to become collateral damage in a drone strike. Not after she protected Kiki.

Set up in a sniper perch, Max keeps one eye on a drone tracker while lining up his shot with the other. Sarah doesn’t make things easy. The moment she figures out their coms are jammed, she rushes to get Bundt out of there. He’s surrounded by agents, including Sarah, when Max threads the needle and nails Bundt between the eyes.

Sarah’s super political boss fires her before the blood is even dry. Pissed off, she decides to stay in town until she can bring the asshole who killed her career to justice. Kiki shocks both Max and Sarah when she invites the disgraced agent to stay with them.

Once they’re alone, Max confronts Kiki. What is she thinking? Well, Kiki is thinking that the best way to derail Sarah’s investigation is to keep her close. Max begrudgingly gives her that point. But there’s no time for further discussion. Gray’s funds came through. Max has a plane to catch and a guy to kill.

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