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The opening scene is in South London - a British female police officer, Kaitlyn Thorn attending a crash. A brand new Maserati GranTurismo is up a tree, the driver, Randolph Quinn is fine, slightly injured but still cocky and full of himself. The cop is based at a police station in London and locks him up as his story about ownership of the car and the bullets she's found on the front seat don't ad up. Turns out he is who he says - a wealthy successful international banker, working for 'Sackman-Platinum' bank. There is a big attraction between the two - they both hail from the same area of London and he's very cheeky and charismatic. She is surprised to feel that way about a potential criminal but is pleased to some extent, as she's been out of the game for a while and not felt any desire for a man following a series of bad long-term relationships. She discusses this with another police officer girlfriend over a drink in a bar in London. She is called to a mysterious meeting with a senior police officer, away from police premises, at a country estate just outside London and is told her orders are to protect and follow Quinn whatever may pass and to trust no one. They are both to be relocated to a safe house in central London as he's been put under witness protection. Her job is to guard him. Before they can even move in, they are attacked and their cover is blown. Someone on the inside has betrayed her. They are obliged to go on the run together. They visit Harrods to get clothing - she's had to leave everything behind. Quinn foots the bill for some very exclusive kit! A hitman tries to take them out but brave cop Kaitlyn is up for the fight and they manage to get away. Randolph has access to a lot of handy toys to help them escape - not least a super-yacht moored in the Thames just past Tower Bridge. There is big chemistry between these two and they start to fall for each other, leading to a sumptuous seduction on the boat. As they head out of London there's news that Quinn's boss, Stella Boursellino, has been kidnapped in Paris. It's a ruse to flush him out, they know he will want to save his mentor. Randolf has a plan. They take a helicopter from the boat and land in a carpark on the outskirts of Paris where Quinn unexpectedly leaves her. She and Quinn's driver take the metro into the centre. Quinn has gone to offer himself as a substitute for his boss - and in the mean time Kaitlyn and the driver are to implement the rest of the plan. In a small bistro they perform a daring rescue of senior executive Stella Boursellino - a key figure from the bank. She is partially disabled and is in a wheelchair and has to be carried out to the waiting getaway car. Whilst this is happening Quinn is in Place Vendôme in Paris, delivering some justice to the hoods who are trying to get the ransom for his boss - he blows up their car with a hand grenade and gets away. They leave Paris by helicopter and rejoin the yacht. They head south for the Med and Venice via Gibraltar. Unsure of whom to trust, and due to the fact she's been betrayed from within her department, they change their plans and leave the yacht, via power boat, whilst passing the coast of Portugal. Here they spend a night in an uber-luxury holiday retreat, high on the cliffs, complete with beautiful modern kitchen, view over the ocean and of course an infinity pool. Of course, they make love, again. They then fly via a private 747-8 jumbo to Milan - hoping to arrive sooner than the bad guys expect. Unfortunately news has already got to Italy and they are forced to flea for their lives again when the chauffeured car turns out to have been hijacked by a mafia hitman. Kaitlyn, the cop, is a trained police driver and they manage to steal a lorry from a nearby yard and she succeeds in a daring drive right in to the centre of Milan. There are meetings in hotels with shady acquaintances and a foray into the Chinese quarter of Milan rag trade factories, to rendezvous with the Albanian and Chinese mafia - the FukLoFat. A shoot out occurs. Dismayed by the death toll, Kaitlyn is sickened and quits and returns to London. However, her boss convinces her to continue and she is flown out to New York to the headquarters of Sackman Platinum. She meets Stella Boursellino again and more of the truth is revealed. She is included in a high-level meeting with the CIA, FBI and a couple of secret depts of the USA state. They explain to her that SP is a department of the World intelligence Forum, which uses the bank as a front to identify world-wide criminal networks via their money laundering. It operates as a bona fide bank - with all the trappings of a top company. Randolph is their top operative. There is a scene in a bank-owned luxury apartment looking out over NY with a rather interesting diamond-encrusted dildo, a corporate gift from Sackman Platinum, for very special clients. ;) She now knows the truth that Randolph is on the side of good, albeit with carte blanche to use any method to achieve his missions. She has also been made a member of this elite special ops group. There is however, one final mission for Randolph, he must go to Rome on a secret job and wants her there with him. She flies there on the corporate jet. In Rome they stay in his small apartment for the night. She has no stomach for more killing. He promises that after the next day, there will be no more violence, no more secrets, their lives together can begin. The following day, again, they set off together on an Italian motor scooter through the back streets of Rome. They meet up with a shady guy and.... Randolph gives the money from the Albanian mafia money laundering operation to a local representative of UNICEF, as an 'anonymous donation' to help poor children around the world. This is all done in secret, none of this is ever known outside the upper echelons of Sackman Platinum. It's what the WIF do - redistribution of wealth to the world from the criminals to the needy - done with style! They ride off into the sunset and live.... happily ever after, of course.

Present Day

My story is told in the present world, a fast-moving thriller romance, initially set in London, but moving to Paris, Milan, New York and Rome.
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Submited by: Emma Calin (Writer)
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Gallo-Romano Media

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A female London cop falls in love with a wealthy international banker she's guarding on a witness protection scheme. Betrayed, they are forced to go on the run across Europe where they fight kidnappers, the mafia and international money launderers in an audacious plan to rebalance world wealth.


London traffic cop Kaitlyn Thorn encounters wealthy banker Randolph Quinn after he has crashed his Maserati into a tree. Evidence of shot gun pellets indicate he was attacked but he says nothing. She arrests him but spots the attackers riding a motor cycle and gives chase. Quinn is offered protective custody but an informant inside the police blows his cover. Scotland Yard chiefs order Kaitlyn to stick with him since he trusts her and they have developed a rapport. Together they set out on a mission to defeat the Albanian Mafia for whom Quinn launders money via the Sackman-Platinum bank. They escape from London on his luxury yacht where Randolph and Kaitlyn express their sexual desires for each other. Kaitlyn is still in the dark as to Randolph’s business affairs but Scotland Yard order her to stick with him at all costs. When Stella Boursellino, the CEO of the bank is kidnapped in Paris, they chopper in from the yacht for a shoot out in the Latin Quarter and escape back to the vessel. Kaitlyn and Randolph, hoping to avoid surveillance, slip ashore off the coast of Portugal while the yacht sails on to Venice. They make love in his palatial house before flying on to Milan. On arrival Randolph is suspicious of the limo driver and shoots him. Albanian Mafia move in and the couple are forced to flee across open land to a warehouse. Kaitlyn steals a forty ton truck and trailer and drives into central Milan where they check into an hotel. The following day they tip off the Chinese triad who operate in Milan who detain a leading Albanian crime boss. They encounter an ambush and shoot it out in the China town quarter, leaving the Mafia severely depleted.

Kaitlyn is increasingly disquieted by her role in this affair. She herself has killed twice and Randolph does so with abandon, seemingly without the intervention of regular forces of law and order. Still her boss orders her to stick with Randolph. However, she falls out with him over the killings and flies back to London to hand herself in. The boss, Chief Inspector Shannon Knightsmith, meets her at the airport and dismisses any notion that she should feel guilty because there were things she just did not understand. Together they fly to New York where they go the the HQ of Sackman-Platinum bank. At a top level briefing she learns that the bank is a front for the World Intelligence Forum. By attracting dirty money they infiltrate the networks of crime and identify the key players. Randolph is a top operator and has authority from heads of state to act around the world. She learns that Randolph has one final mission in Rome and she agrees to rejoin him. She dreads further violence but he asks her to trust him, explaining that his mission has to be completely secret and the other guy may not agree with his wishes.. They ride on a motor scooter to an office block where they meet Dottore Bartolo. The room is decorated with UNICEF posters of poor children. Kaitlyn tenses waiting for trouble but Randolph produces a cheque for fifty billion dollars – the money from the closed Albanian accounts. At first Bartolo refuses because Sackman Platinum has such a ruthless reputation for greed. Randolph introduces Kaitlyn as his fiancé and tells him that she is the donor. With this he agrees and Randolph and Kaitlyn ride off on the scooter into the streets of Rome.

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  • Kaitlyn Thorn
    Female 30 Years old
  • Randolph Quinn
    Male 30 Years old
  • Stella Boursellino
    Female 55 Years old
  • Shannon Knightsmith
    Female 35 Years old

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