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Small well populated town 25 miles southeast of Hartford, CT.

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An especially brutal serial killer on the loose in Texas. Investigations by a task force reveal the possibility that he may be involved in law enforcement. The investigations then suddenly ramp up.


In Dallas County Texas, a mother and her two children are found slashed to death in a scene of a vicious homicide. The husband had eventually been ruled out, leaving police with no suspects. The following week, an attractive and popular teenage girl as found dead in her home by an intruder. Her body was found mutilated and partly disemboweled postmortem after she was first sexually assaulted and then brutally strangled. The killer is leaving behind no clues, no DNA evidence except for one tiny spot on one of the victims, no hair, and no fingerprints. He is always managing to stay well ahead of the police. As he travels, he leaves more bodies behind and spreads to other areas. A multiagency task force is formed, including the FBI. A profile picture of the suspect is painted, and it is not a pretty picture. It reveals that the suspect is likely law enforcement oriented, is single, and thinks he is smarter than all the other cops. In addition, he kills not out of need or impulse, but for the thrill of killing.
Eventually a suspect is born, but police investigation of him has to be kept as secretive as possible from the rest of the department and everyone on the outside. A leak could make him skip out of town permanently. The investigation turns into a kind of cat and mouse game. Only it's no game.
When they later pursue him, it is a dangerous near-confrontation with an explosive ending.

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  • Jaime Califara
    Female mid teens Years old
  • Earl Willoughby
    Male forties Years old
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