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Chicago, Illinois, United States

SERIAL INTENT takes place in the winter primarily in downtown Chicago and Lincoln Park, and Miller Beach (Indiana).

Present Day

The streets of downtown Chicago
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Submited by: Steve Bradshaw (Writer)
Writer(s): Steve Bradshaw
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In a city of predators, someone is on a reckless mission to remedy a failing justice system. Two horrific factions engage in a dark war that could change everything.


500 murders is a slow year for Chicago Homicide Detective Aaron Wolfe. After two decades of hell he learned to bury the pain and angst so he could navigate the carnage and hunt the killers. A city with a rising crimson tide of bloody homicides, and a broken judicial system that put killers back on the streets, had broken Wolfe down. On the eve of his departure, he read the notice on the CPD bulletin board. The monster he had jailed for raping and killing the Dunn family was being released after six months—another plea bargain and judicial technicality. It was the third serial-predator in two weeks to be released in Wolfe’s city. But this time something new rolled across the city like a poison cloud. The predators released in Chicago soon became victims of sniper fire. And the snipers soon became victims of a skull-crushing monster. The two factions engaged in a dark war. A new kind of justice had come to the windy city. Wolfe struggled. Does he cling to the rules of "law and order" or does he let the dark forces eliminate the predators? As Wolfe hunts killers he weighs his options. He discovers the skull-crushing monster is a young homicide detective who suffers from a multiple personality disorder, and is the son of the leader of the vigilante group. When the contracted snipers from Detroit pay a visit, they run into the skull-crusher and die. Wolfe arrives in time to watch the monster beg his mother to stop the killing. She runs a knitting needle into his brain. Before he dies he snaps her neck. Wolfe cradles the dying monster and watches him transform back into the young homicide detective he had never made time for.

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Cast Wish-List
  • Viggo Mortensen
    Viggo Mortensen as Aaron Wolfe
    Male 50 Years old
  • Josh Duhamel
    Josh Duhamel as Eldon Babcock
    Male 45 Years old
  • Frances Louise McDormand
    Frances Louise McDormand as Margaret Sorensen
    Female 69 Years old
  • John C. Reilly
    John C. Reilly as Joe Hutson
    Male 48 Years old
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