Shadow of Silence
Shadow of Silence
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Georgia, United States

Primarily in a small Georgia town close to Atlanta.

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2001 through approximately 2011
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To protect those she loves, the victim of a criminal act harbors a secret that compromises her moral compass and jeopardizes her marriage.


ANNIE CAMERON and her husband, DAN, an FBI agent, have a seemingly ideal life, lacking only a baby. But when Annie discovers she is pregnant, her world implodes. At the approximate time of conception, Annie was raped by her brother-in-law, sexy, bad-boy type, COLE DALTON. She failed to report the assault because of the potential effect on her older sister (ALEX), her nieces, and Dan. Further, she feared her credibility would be questioned because of her well-known, adolescent crush on Cole.
Speculating the baby is Cole’s, Annie considers abortion. However, at the last minute, she rejects the procedure. Her choice made, she compromises her moral compass by protecting the secret. Plagued with guilt and fear of exposure, Annie’s misery is pushed to limits by family gatherings where she must disguise her disgust for the man she despises, cringing in horror at his touch.
Alex Dalton is killed in an auto accident when her two older daughters are away at college. Despite his abhorrent behavior, Cole loved his wife and indulges his grief through social withdrawal. Annie steps in to become a surrogate mother to the young niece still living at home. When the teenager becomes ill and requires a bone marrow transplant, Annie faces another dilemma. Her son may be the only available match. In an explosive climax, Dan accidentally discovers Annie’s secret and leaves.
Exposed, Annie confronts Cole, offering to have her son tested as a potential donor. To her shock, he not only denies the rape, blaming a misunderstanding, he also informs her that he had a vasectomy years before the alleged incident. A DNA test confirms the child is Dan’s. However, when Annie gives Dan the news, he is cold and fails to respond.
The conclusion comes when several weeks after learning he is the boy’s father, Dan comes to recognize the depth of his love for Annie and the impossible circumstances she faced. He returns home and proposes they work on rebuilding their family.

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Cast Wish-List
  • Britt Robertson
    Britt Robertson as Annie Cameron
    Female mid-twenties Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Casey Deidrick as Cole Dalton
    Male 35 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Ryan Kelly
    Ryan Kelly as Dan Cameron
    Male 35 Years old
    © Getty Images
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