Shattered Dreams and Broken Hearts 'Fentanyl the Killer'
Shattered Dreams and Broken Hearts 'Fentanyl the Killer'
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The opioid addiction today and why we have to do something to stop it.
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Aaron would have had a fantastic life if it wasn't for his accident in January 2014 after which he became addicted to prescription painkillers. That day was the beginning of the end. He died unexpectedly to the KILLER FENTANYL


We hear about the opioid crisis in North America and might picture a victim in our mind as a street person, the proverbial man in ill-fitting clothing living under a bridge. In reality, this epidemic is killing our previously healthy, happy even athletic young in staggering numbers. Shattered Dreams and Broken Hearts bring us back to reality; each one of these death-by-overdose statistics represents a human being, and in this case, someone who is loved very much.

Written by the mother of the late Aaron M, a bright young man with his whole life ahead of him before opioids took him too soon, this book is as much informational as it is emotional. There are statistics on opioid deaths covering both Canada and the United States, as well as the heartbreaking details of Aaron's downward spiral as a result of getting addicted first to prescription painkillers. There is also a chapter penned by Aaron's girlfriend describing his attempt to get off drugs outside of a medical facility, and the difficulty of the withdrawal symptoms.

Since someone who hasn't endured this most unfathomable loss could ever fully comprehend the pain and other turmoil of emotions, mention is made of an organization called MSTH Moms stop the harm, a network of families whose loved ones have died due to substance use or who hope for recovery. We call for an end to the failed war on drugs, which is a war on the people we love.

This book will surely be as helpful to a reader going through this unimaginable experience as it was therapeutic to the author.

Shattered Dreams and Broken Hearts is a completed, 25,020 word non-fiction book geared toward Young Adult and Adult readers. It has been professionally edited. In addition to Shattered Dreams, I've written some poems to my late son, Aaron, and have included them in the book.

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