Song of the Shaman
Song of the Shaman
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Brooklyn, New York, United States

Present day Manhattan, and Brooklyn; 1899 tropical rainforest

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New York City 1996 to 2006; 1899 Panama
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Single mother Sheri Lambert's ten-year-old son knows more about her past than anyone in the world – even his mother – in this mystical story of unconditional love, lost identity, and self-discovery set in New York City.


To celebrate her 35th birthday, Sheri Lambert did what a single, biological clock obsessed New York ad woman would: She got drunk and slept with a carefree, on and off musician lover, hoping to become pregnant. It was the worst thing Sheri had ever done. It was the best thing that ever happened to her.

Adopted from an orphanage in Panama and raised by dysfunctional parents in Manhattan, Sheri has always felt disconnected from her family and the world around her. Though single motherhood would present many challenges for her, Sheri yearned to create a sense of belonging through a child of her own, to feel whole and know unconditional love for the first time.

From the start, her son Zig displays strange behavior. He recalls people and places he couldn’t possibly know, things that confuse Sheri’s sense of reality. In ten years Zig grows into a restless, precocious boy. His chronic asthma, disrupting conduct, and tall tales about being a warrior Indian cause him to be labeled ADHD by teachers and the school psychologist. After a major troubling incident at school, Sheri is forced to make a decision that would affect the health of her child. What’s more, her long-buried childhood nightmares mysteriously return.

Between the pages of Sheri’s story a parallel historical drama arises. In 1899 Panama, 20-year-old Louise struggles to be free from her wealthy, domineering father. Since her mother’s death, caring for her ailing younger sister, Maud is a heavy burden on Louise. When Maud’s chronic asthma has their father turning to a Nrvai shaman for a cure, the family travels from Panama City to a remote Indian village in the tropical rainforest. There Louise meets Benjamin, the shaman’s handsome grandson, and apprentice. To her, Benjamin and his way of life are the embodiment of freedom. Louise falls in love and begins a clandestine affair with him, with devastating consequences.

From the streets of New York City to the shamans and rituals in the rainforests of Central America, Zig guides Sheri on a journey to uncover the hidden secrets of her past. Sheri is faced with a choice to find the courage to trust her son and his mystical guidance—or remain lost to herself and the truth about her origins.

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