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To advance to the state speech competition a depressed high school senior must kiss his acting partner who is dating his best friend.


TED, a sarcastic and severely depressed high school senior, is in love with his duet acting partner, the chill, yet insecure SAM. Much like Ted's adolescent erections, his love for Sam is hard to suppress. The duo had decided to do a fake kiss in their performance to appease her boyfriend, the obtuse COLIN, and because being in high school is already awkward enough. Ted and Sam have been doing well at their speech meets all season - until the conference tournament changes everything. A competing team bests them by doing a real kiss, and the two realize they must follow suit at districts. That's their last shot at advancing to the state speech competition.

It is Ted's dream come true to kiss Sam; however, he's never kissed a girl before. With time running out and only a week until districts, Ted must learn how to kiss to impress Sam with his mad lip locking skills. In a small high school, Ted doesn't have many friends to turn to for advice. Ted's speech coach, functioning alcoholic MR. BRAUER, is no help. On the day of the district speech meet with time desperately short, Ted turns to the goofy freshmen boys for assistance. After various bad ideas, they suggest that Ted try to use fellow speechie and gun-shy CLAIRE for kissing practice.

Against his better judgement, Ted pursues Claire. He soon finds himself in over his head as Claire reveals she's had a crush on him for years, yet he remains no closer to the kissing experience he needs. Feeling terrible, Ted has no choice but to tell Claire he's not interested and is back to square one. Without any other options, Ted tests his gag reflexes and makes out with one of the freshmen boys. Meanwhile, Sam councils her friend, ERICA, about her own insecurities.

When it's finally time for their first round of district competition, Ted feels as ready as he'll ever be to kiss Sam. The two perform well but when it comes down to the kiss, Sam can't go through with it. Colin's controlling ways have gotten the better of her. Devastated, his last chance with the love of his life gone forever, Ted makes a half-assed suicide attempt in the bathroom. Colin witnesses the event and forbids Ted from ever talking to Sam again.

Sam finds Ted on the playground, and during a heart to heart conversation, Ted finally opens up and reveals his depression. After her conversations with Erica, Sam realizes that you can't rely on others for happiness; that must come from within yourself. Making a pact to seek help together, Ted and Sam are renewed for their final round of competition - where they share a real kiss! After realizing he can't put his life on hold for Sam, Ted feels like a new man.

Speechless is a dramatic comedy that's zany while tackling real high school issues such as depression, self worth and unrequited love. But will Ted and Sam's real kiss be enough to get them to state speech? Will Ted and Sam finally get together? Find out in Speechless.

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Cast Wish-List
  • Lucas Hedges
    Lucas Hedges as Ted
    Male 17 Years old
  • Hailee Steinfeld
    Hailee Steinfeld as Sam
    Female 17 Years old
  • Colin
    Male 17 Years old
  • Ed Helms
    Ed Helms as Mr. Brauer
    Male 40 Years old

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