Street Preacher
Street Preacher
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Springfield, Missouri, United States

The book never states the name of the city, only that it is a medium sized, midwestern city. There are some flashbacks that take place in Cincinnati, OH, and some references to the Pruitt-Igo Housing Project of St Louis.

Present Day

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A homeless man begins a scheme where he preaches on street corners in order to collect money. He quickly finds himself pulled between various forces of the inner city and must decide once and for all what he truly believes.


John is a homeless vagrant. He is tired of begging and wary of stealing. One day he finds a hat that reminds of of an old time preacher's hat. This gives him the idea to begin shouting sermons on the sidewalks in order to gather money. Slowly the plan begins to work for him. While going to the local mission in order to get material, he finds people that become unshakable friends. He meets Walter, a homeless man that has committed his life to teaching the Bible to other homeless men, and Jennifer, a college student and idealist who is working as an intern at the shelter. He also runs afoul of Ty, a small time thug that is intent on taxing John for his scheme. As John begins to consider his own faith, he learns that Walter desperately needs money in order to travel to his family. John must decide: does he take a step of faith and help Walter, or does he pay off the thugs and keep himself safe? John takes the step of faith, which leads to a final showdown between John and Ty. It costs John his life, but it leaves a legacy of giving one's life for another.

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Cast Wish-List
  • Sam Elliot
    Sam Elliot as John
    Male 55 Years old
  • Ed Asner
    Ed Asner as Walter
    Male 65 Years old
  • Jennifer
    Female 20 Years old
  • Marty
    Male 0 Years old

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