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United States

Takes place in the former US after devastation--mostly in central and southern regions (Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Georgia, Arkansas)

Near Future

After wars, disasters, bioterrorism, and the loss of the majority of the world's oil supply
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After a near-apocalypse, the plan to resuscitate Earth is in progress. Day by day, clocks tick down as a warning: sign the Notice by zero hour or lose all means of survival. But a man walks through the ruins, urging the crowds to take heart and resist—an idea that's reverberating across the world.


Within a matter of months, nearly half of the people in the US were forced to flee a bitter winter amidst outbreaks of a deadly disease and biological threats in the northern states. Survivors pressed southward on trains and buses, or even on foot—bringing only what they could carry. Forced to pass through mandatory quarantine camps, they arrived in the South only to be crammed into makeshift shelters and crumbling inner cities.

E. E. KRESSMAN's corporate empire controls international media, technology, and A NEW FORM OF CLEAN ENERGY. He proposes a shift from global devastation to an entirely new way of life. At the foundation of this plan is the requirement to sign the Notice of Allegiance, an oath to forsake loyalty to all the boundaries and religions of the past. Going forward, there will be one, cashless economy and one means of identification for all. In order to preserve a now-fragile Earth, strict conservation measures will be enforced—including observance of specific Zero Population Zones.


ZACHARY GORDON (Swordsman)—is brilliant, charming, and witty. Although called to declare the gospel as a youth, a bitter loss led him to a shallow, cynical life. It's only in the wake of yet another tragedy that he rediscovers faith—and eventually begins walking across what is left of America with a message that will not be silenced.

MICHAEL GORDON—struggles daily to put the past behind. He wants out of his horrible living conditions, but the disconnect between what proponents of the new society say and what they actually do raises questions that he cannot set aside. His brother Zac's stunning return to faith only creates more questions.

SARAH REISLING witnessed firsthand the horrors of quarantine. Thus far, she's steadfastly resisted pressures to compromise her faith, but now she finds herself falling in love with the godless drifter her family hired to help keep their small enterprise afloat.

EDWINA GRANT is a former physician's assistant. Before the disasters, she and her doctor husband owned a prosperous clinic in New York and regularly volunteered their services in impoverished communities. But now she's alone, reduced to poverty, and forced to serve as a domestic in the home of a family with a handicapped daughter and a sociopath son.

ALEX DUBOIS gets the opportunity to work for E.E. Kressman on a targeted marketing plan. The incremental steps toward the goal of a new society are marked by his own compromises of conscience.

TONY BENSEN is a gifted psychic, hired in an effort to leave no stone unturned in the push to achieve the goals of the new society. He will track the most influential Christian leader in America and try to get inside his head.

LINDA POSNER is rocketing toward all she's ever wanted. A news reporter before the world's crash, she now has the opportunity to work in the agency that disseminates information for the new society.

REVEREND IKE BOINTON is a religious professional who happily presides over the gradual incorporation of his denomination into the new society's all-inclusive spirituality—but a scandal of his own making forces him to decide between his comfortable life and a life of obscure poverty.

Small bands of people have, thus far, managed to elude the forces that would sweep them south. Some are people of faith who congregate in places of "Refuge" but eventually, all must decide whether they will continue to brave the primitive conditions and dangers of the north, or move south to stand with others in what appears to be a losing struggle against the inevitable.

RICKY RUIZ is a former gang-member who narrowly escaped prison as a young man. Living in obscurity, he touches the lives of multitudes of people. Ricky and his wife, Rosa, live in the forbidden zones, calling others to faith by their own examples of love, passion, and courage.

Are all faiths one, or is there only one faith? Can the enforcement of the plan for a new society bring peace and safety, or will it create a growing, world-wide thirst for an ultimate savior? As millions weigh their rapidly evaporating choices, Swordsman dares to publicly declare truth, becoming a lighthouse to those trapped in the shadows, calling a battered church to rise and live by the faith they profess.

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