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Along the Upper Missouri River through Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Dakota Territory.

Distant Past

Summer 1870
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On a dangerous journey up the wild Missouri River, a freedom-loving adventurer and an avowed spinster battle over the destiny of an orphan boy, who is doing his level best to convince them they belong together.


Huck Finn is a free man. He lives an adventurous life on his own terms, avoiding any entanglements that might tie him down...until one day he discovers been named as guardian for an orphaned boy. Before Huck can decide what to do, a sharp-tongued spinster woman shows up claiming to be Tad’s aunt and demands Huck turn the boy over to her care.

Miss Hallie MacBride is a desperate woman who harbors shameful secrets and long-held regrets. Huck sees only her prickly exterior. He isn’t willing to condemn Tad to life with a harpy so he flees with his charge and concocts a plan for settling the boy with a good family. Much to his surprise, he can't escape the tenacious old maid no matter what tricks he employs.

As they wind down the Big Muddy on a flatboat, then a steamboat, Huck begins to see another side of Hallie—the gifted artist whose painting conveys a sensitive soul in tune with the river he loves. In turn, Hallie observes Huck’s ability to guide a lonely boy through rough spots as deftly as he pilots a steamboat through treacherous waters.

When danger threatens, the two misfits are forced to work together to thwart the plans of a greedy gambler—all the while fighting over what's best for Tad. And as far Tad’s concerned, he’s already decided what’s for him, and he goes to extremes to convince two of the most mismatched adults in the universe that they belong together.

Eventually, they come to the terrifying conclusion that the best family for a child they both love could be one they find together. But first, Hallie has to overcome her fears and Huck must let go of the one thing he thought he cherished most--his freedom.

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  • Huck Finn
    Male 30 Years old
  • Hallie MacBride
    Female 30 Years old

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