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Terrible Karisma
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Loveland, Colorado, United States

Setting begins in Loveland, Colorado. Fifteen years later Kahner RavenCroft takes an undercover job in Loredo, Texas where he picks up Kalysta Radford and her three children, escaping with them into Mexico then back up into the United States via a border crossing on the edge of New Mexico, they eventually get picked up nine hours later just south of the Colorado border by Kahner's brother, Kalturek who is the Sheriff of Loveland County, Colorado. From there, the Sheriff takes them the rest of the way to the RavenCroft ranch home nestled within a mountain canyon/valley on the outskirts of Loveland, Colorado.

Present Day

A majority of the story occurs in present day reality where the idea of people with sensory gifts, such as telepathy, the ability to see auras, the ability to sense emotions, the ability to know past, present and future events, or the capability to see and hear shadowy demonic creatures is considered to be ridiculous. But the beginning does start with a flashback from fifteen years prior.
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An act of indifference, a resulting betrayal, a man with a secret, and a woman desperate to escape her past leads to one unshakable truth; the knowledge that there truly are gifted people living among us.


Narrator Vortigern Black breaks the fourth wall as he enlists the authors assistance in exposing the RavenCroft family's skeletons to the world.

Prompted in his angst to defy the family after the recent discovery of a long held secret and the resulting confrontation with a family member over a “simple request,” Vortigern's satirical candor over his plea being summarily dismissed by the individual becomes clearly evident. The cloak and dagger narration that ensues leaves you with the mystery; who is Vortigern Black, what did “he” discover about the family or individual, and what was “his” request? While a skeptical author grudgingly agrees to write the story, Vortigern keeps you filled with anticipation as he tells all about the eldest son of a set of triplets, Kahner RavenCroft, a mind reader and future heir to the RavenCroft horse ranch situated within a raven sanctuary located in Loveland, Colorado.

Disappearing from home for nearly fifteen years after learning his child was aborted by his wife, Kahner RavenCroft somechow manages to take up an alias while working with the CIA during this time. The inconvenient – and not so unknown – alias of Toni Starck is forced upon him by his sadistic humorless father, Bastion RavenCroft, in order to protect the rest of his family from discovery in the event his ability to read minds becomes known by people who would use him, and them, for dark purposes.

Fifteen years later, the embittered undercover agent, with an unfortunate and effeminate alias, heads to Texas on assignment to pull Kalysta Radford – the estranged wife of an accused drug lord – and her kids into Witness Protection, and to gain intelligence from her in order to finally bring down the Radford brother's drug cartel.

Getting tipped off by his partner that his alias may no longer be safe and discovering the family in his charge will be at risk even within Witness Protection, Kahner makes a drastic last minute decision.

The only safe place for all of them is to go home.

After too many name changes to remember, a reluctant trip in and out of the US via Mexico, a maddening battle of wills, and a whole lot of physically charged bickering, Kahner manages to get Kalysta and her kids to safety within the RavenCroft ranch. But not before mistakenly succumbing to temptation.

Kahner's giant of a brother seems harmless upon arrival, but Kalysta begins to wonder if her family is truly safe. For though the ranch may be home to the ravens which aid in concealing its borders, its also been a sanctuary for the RavenCroft's and their gifted ancestors who long ago designated the area Croft Haven. They're unwelcome arrival sparks much animosity and many concerns over Kalysta and her children's presence at Croft Haven with not only Kahner's father but the rest of his mysterious and large group of family members as well. Much to Kalysta's horror and dismay, she soon learns about the RavenCroft family lineage and their different, maddeningly invasive – and ominous – metaphysical and paranormal abilities, the hard way. If she doesn't make the right decisions for her and her increasingly expanding family then she may well never be safe from her past … or her present.

In the end, our mysterious narrator Vortigern Black imparts a somewhat happy ending in addition to the first of many clues as to his true identity and the subtle - or maybe not so subtle - notion that a sequel could be in the future. For the RavenCroft's story does not end with Kahner. It's not even the beginning.

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Cast Wish-List
  • Chris Hemsworth
    Chris Hemsworth as Kahner RavenCroft
    Male 38 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Tanaya Beatty
    Tanaya Beatty as Kalysta Radford
    Female 33 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Russell Crowe
    Russell Crowe as Bastion RavenCroft
    Male 60 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Jon Huertes
    Jon Huertes as Agent Ricardo Pegueros
    Male mid to late 30' Years old
    © Getty Images
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