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Dallas, Texas, United States

Starts out in Dallas, ends up in the Rocky Mountains.

Present Day

Modern times in the mountains.
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Submited by: Patty Wiseman (Writer)
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Ricki Sheridan, a tough gun wielding game warden, escapes to a survivalist camp in the Rocky Mountains when her lover Detective Russ Desmond betrays her with best friend, Leila. The healing begins with new love, Kory Littleton, until Russ brings his evil revenge to the mountain.


Fresh from a devastating break-up, Ricki Sheridan sought refuge high in the Rocky Mountains, convinced a brutal survival challenge would restore her confidence.
Strong mentally and physically, she wanted to prove she still had the ability to survive the worst conditions.
She was strong, a game warden in the Dallas, Texas area.. Everything in her life was in control.
Except her heart.
Russ Desmond charmed his way into her life. A detective in the Dallas force, she never questioned his sincerity. The door to her heart opened and she took a chance on love.
For two years, she thought she had the world by the tail. A trusted best friend, Leila, a handsome boyfriend, the perfect career. But, it went horribly wrong.
She found Leila and Russ in bed together.
She ran.
Now, she was on the top of a mountain at Wolf’s Den Lodge about to careen down the side of a cliff.
A knight in shining armor would come along. But, she was determined to destroy any chance of a storybook ending.
Kory Littleton, head trail boss. He offered help, but she rebuffed him. Unable to trust.
Weather conditions intervened with no choice but to camp on the mountainside with him. An emotional wreck and to her horror, she broke down in tears, something she abhorred.
Kory recognized the signs of emotional exhaustion and comforted her, masking his own emotional pain. By the light of the fire, and in the heat of the moment, they shared a kiss.
The moment eventually changed everything.
She shut him down.
He apologized.
She accepted and that was the end of it.
A medical emergency took Kory down the mountain in the middle of the night.
He left another trail boss to guide Ricki to the base camp where she met a new friend, Rebecca Blair. But Ricki couldn’t get Kory Littleton out of her mind.
Kory wanted to go back up the mountain, find Ricki, and explain. His boss, Wolf Kelley, had other ideas. Take two new clients to the higher lake.
One of them was Russ Desmond. He wouldn’t find out who he was until fate stepped in.
The farther Kory travelled up the mountain the more determined he became to find his way back to Ricki. When they arrived, he left Russ in the hands of the other trail boss and returned to Ricki’s camp.
He found her building a raft.
She gave him the cold shoulder.
Until the storm hit.
Ricki was determined to save her raft and braved the storm to secure it.
Kory found her the next morning half dead. After she revived, he offered her a way to change the course of her life, a job in the mountains with him.
She refused. Still unable to trust.
Disheartened, Kory returned to the other camp, high on the mountain.
The storm left Ricki’s camp devastated and unusable. The only choice they had was to hike to the higher lake and join forces with the other camp.
Ricki spotted Russ and chaos broke out in the camp.
A rogue bear halted the confrontation.
Sentries were posted, and all available men took their turns on watch.
Except Russ.
He hovered in the trees until he caught Ricki alone, grabbed her from behind, and dragged her into the woods.
All her training kicked in as she convinced him to let her go. A false promise to return to Dallas with him reassured him and he released her.
Instead of keeping the promise, she found Kory, and together they left camp to hike back to the lodge to notify police.
Russ finds out she’s gone and follows them.
A bear derails Ricki and Kory’s plan of escape and leaves them at the mercy of Russ’s sociopathic revenge. A life and death struggle in the middle of a huge mountain brings Kory and Ricki closer.
Skill, and a little bit of luck, defeat Russ in the mountain wilderness and lands him behind bars.
Kory urges her to stay and start over with him, but she returns to Dallas.
Unresolved memories forced her to accept a new job in a small town seventy-five miles from Wolf Den’s Lodge, but she doesn’t tell anyone, not even Kory.
In a strange twist of events, Russ is released from jail and the nightmare begins again.
Russ finds Ricki again and tries to kill her.
A story of how an indomitable, self-reliant woman falls prey to the vulnerabilities of the heart.

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Cast Wish-List
  • Ryan Guzman
    Ryan Guzman as Kory Littleton
    Male 30 ish Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Christina Hendricks
    Christina Hendricks as Ricki Sheridan
    Female 30ish Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Bradley Cooper
    Bradley Cooper as Russ Desmond
    Male 30ish Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Jeff Bridges
    Jeff Bridges as Wolf Kelley
    Male 60ish Years old
    © Getty Images
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