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Acorn, Texas, United States

Smaller, fictional version of Lubbock, Texas. More trees than most West Texas towns. A small college town, population 21,001.

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Stories about the overlapping lives of the surprisingly diverse citizens in a small West Texas town. The tone ranges from drama to absurd comedy.


“Acorn”: When we arrive at the fictional West Texas town of Acorn, the narrative keeps shifting between Regina and Dirk, who both seek control over their relationship.

“Flip, Turn”: A different scene from the narrator's amusing but unproductive life comes to him every time he turns to swim in the opposite direction.

“Keeping A Secret”: A little boy wants to shield his mother and his little brother from a dangerous situation.

“Survival”: A young teacher (both deaf and gay) clashes with a popular football coach.

“Paying The Rent”: In this politically incorrect tale, an inarticulate young man hopes to marry a rich woman so he can pay the rent, but he finds her repulsive.

“Morgana Le Fay”: A widow finds her new romance disrupted by her Siamese cat's strange behavior.

“Your Daughter”: Gretchen's approach to raising a daughter and maintaining a marriage requires ignoring problems and carefully orchestrating conversations.

“Knock”: A father sees his daughter abandon her Mexican heritage, and he now fears other types of abandonment.

“Come With Me”: The conflictive influence of her overbearing sister and her supportive husband forces Becky to re-evaluate her ambitions.

“Dead Enough”: Farcical look at English departments, tabloid TV, the publishing industry, and America's superstar culture.

“Mae”: Standing by her husband's grave, an elderly woman looks back at the joys and challenges of marriage and motherhood.

“Timothy Fast”: In this satirical retelling of the Faustian myth, a Jewish businessman finds himself pulled into small-town politics.

“Mirrors: A Blackmail Letter”: The owner of an art gallery becomes the target of a “family values” witch-hunt, spear-headed by Acorn’s closeted (and supposedly ex-gay) mayor.

“Echoes”: A time of unexpected changes for Becky and her husband.

“Oak”: Julie Briggs can only talk to her mother by leaving messages on her answering machine, but she refuses to give up her voice.

“Acorn Pie”: An unusual weekend in the life of an unusual town.

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Cast Wish-List
  • Thom Allison (TV’s Killjoys)
    Thom Allison (TV’s Killjoys) as Keith Colson
    Male 20s or early 30 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Camila Mendes (TV’s Riverdale)
    Camila Mendes (TV’s Riverdale) as Becky Blake
    Female 22 Years old
  • Marla Gibbs
    Marla Gibbs as Yolanda Jones
    Female 87 Years old
  • Edward James Olmos
    Edward James Olmos as Jamie Hernandez
    Male 71 Years old

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