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Jacksonville, Florida, United States

University and white and black Jacksonville neighborhoods.

Recent Past

1970s Jim Crow Florida.
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Submited by: Terence Clarke (Writer)
Agent(s): Terence Clarke: Writing, Film, Video
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Astor & Lenox

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In 1970s Jim Crow Florida, white and black university students enroll in a class about civil rights. They are seeking "a conversation about race." But in this class, they encounter direct racial confrontation.


This project is based on the book, An Arena of Truth: Conflict in Black and White, by Terence Clarke, available from bookstores and on Amazon.

The project is registered with Writers Guild West. Copyright 2019 Terence Clarke. All rights reserved.

In the matter of race in the United States, reconciliation is sought, while confrontation is shunned. This formula has not worked.

In 1972, Dr. Peter Kranz, a young white psychologist/scholar from New York City, proposed to the administration of the University of North Florida, located in Jacksonville, a course that would be titled “Human Conflict in Black and White.” Each class ideally would be composed of a dozen people, equally black and white, and gender-balanced. The purpose of the class would be to allow the students, guided by the teacher(s), to address one another in a weekly no-holds barred confrontation with their honest, open feelings about the racial situation as it existed in the United States at the time.

It was the only such class ever to be offered in an American university. It was rough…and it worked. Its methods remain unprecedented in American education.

This book is, at times, emotionally trying, explosive, profane, controversial, and giving. It offers a deep-- and authentic-- understanding of why there is a racial crisis in this country. These students and others closely involved were in most cases irrevocably changed by the experience of the classes.

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