The Ballet
The Ballet
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Florida, United States

The wealthy south Florida coast. Possible scene in a California apartment, and a safe-house.

Present Day

Within the last 5-6 years.
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Falling in love with a charming billionaire places a brilliant ballerina at risk of losing her career and maybe her life.


Gabi Valera is a ballerina of NYCB/ABT principal caliber. To the perplexity of colleagues, she chooses to remain with a regional ballet company on the gold coast of south Florida. While admired and liked by others, Gabi refuses to talk about personal matters, including her past. She withdraws whenever others attempt to become emotionally close. When Gabi collapses during a rehearsal of Swan Lake, the company director mandates a physician’s written release before she will permit the dancer back on stage.
In the emergency room, Gabi encounters a handsome physician, Derek Conner, who diagnoses her with pneumonia and refuses to sign off on her return to work, thereby igniting her wrath and hostility.
Several months later, during required attendance at a gala fundraiser, Gabi bumps into Derek and discovers he is the son of the mega-wealthy patron of the ballet company—an international cosmetic queen with a palace-level home in Palm Beach.
Derek, a guy known for avoiding commitment, is attracted to Gabi. He makes an impressive donation to the company on condition Gabi dances the lead. When he drops in on a rehearsal, Gabi is horrified in contrast to the artistic director, her boss. She finds herself cornered into a relationship. Although he doesn’t understand her behavior, Derek finds he is falling in love. Despite her resistance, Gabi develops feelings for Derek that are enhanced when he saves the life of child while they are on a date.
However, Gabi knows she can’t form a lasting relationship because she lives in an invisible prison. Having witnessed the brutal murder of a woman by her father and his Russian Mafia associate when a young teen, she is a protected witness in the Federal Witness Protection Program. Disclosure of her status could jeopardize her career, her life, and even Derek. She tries to avoid him, but he is persistent to the chagrin of his mother. Charlotte fears her son will break the heart of her pride and joy and cause Gabi to leave the company.
After a glamorous and sexy courtship, Derek proposes. Gabi hedges. Shortly thereafter, upon coming back from the Miami airport with Derek’s sister, Gabi is attacked at a service station. Using the self-defense skills learned in WITSEC, she overcomes the assailant. WITSEC agents converge and whisk her away to a safe house until they can determine whether the assailant had mafia connections. She lies to Derek about her whereabouts. When he learns of her lie through an adept investigator, she disappears again. The investigator uncovers the truth about her status, finds her, and orchestrates a satisfying conclusion through his connections with the U.S. Marshals Service.

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Cast Wish-List
  • Juliet Doherty
    Juliet Doherty as Gabi Valera
    Female 24-25 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Henry Cavill
    Henry Cavill as Derek Conner
    Male 33-36 Years old
    © Getty Images
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