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BLUFF CITY BUTCHER is based in Memphis, Tennessee

Present Day

Today's world primarily in the United States
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Submited by: Steve Bradshaw (Writer)
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The hunt for an unstoppable serial killer. Dr. Elliott Sumner, world-renowned forensic sleuth, hunts a monster, the Bluff City Butcher, and discovers they are connected and hold a secret people will kill for.


The Bluff City Butcher steps from the fog of Memphis urban legend and goes on a killing spree terrorizing a southern community. A failed police effort forces the mayor to hire the world-renowned forensic pathologist and serial killer hunter, Dr. Elliott Sumner. Top Memphis homicide detective Tony Wilcox and Pulitzer Prize investigative reporter Carol Mason join Sumner to hunt a monster. The prolific and heinous killings seem to revolve around billionaire patriarch Albert Bell, a respected city benefactor who takes a personal interest in the case. When the BCB’s modus operandi changes from random killings to a top-ten list of targeted city leaders, the genius psychopath makes the national news. As Elliott closes in on the unstoppable serial killer, he pieces together a century-old puzzle and uncovers a secret society of billionaires—Gilgamesh—on a mission to develop and control biogenic immortality. When paths cross, Elliott knows the Butcher is not like any other monster he has hunted. Police close in. The BCB leaps from a balcony of the Bell mansion and is impaled on a rooftop spire. Just moments before, Elliott learns they are biological brothers and Albert Bell is their father ... and Elliott and the BCB are part of an unimaginable genetic experiment. As Elliott watches his brother hemorrhage on the snow-covered rooftop, more pieces of the puzzle fall in place—a stealth war is being waged for control of the greatest evolutionary leap of mankind.

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Cast Wish-List
  • Josh Holloway
    Josh Holloway as Dr. Elliott Sumner
    Male 40 Years old
  • Donald Sutherland
    Donald Sutherland as Albert Bell
    Male 75 Years old
  • John Cusak
    John Cusak as Tony Wilcox
    Male 40 Years old
  • Rebecca Romijn
    Rebecca Romijn as Carol Mason
    Female 36 Years old
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