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The majority of the plot takes place on Eden (A terraformed asteroid) and on Mars. But the ending of the story takes place in a futuristic Egypt, close to the pyramids.

Distant Future

The 29th century where the dictatorial Terran Council consisting of the wealthiest families on Earth have oppressed the majority of mankind exiled to Mars for hundreds of years. The wealthy on Earth live in abundance while the oppressed masses on Mars live in misery
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A young woman, Keila, with special powers takes on the brutal dictatorship that is tormenting the solar system. But her powers come at a cost as she is manipulated by an ancient evil that wants to return to our world.


The Divine Sedition takes place straight after the ending of The Divine Dissimulation. Having gained control over Eden, Keila fakes her own death to fool the Terran Council officer assigned to detain her, Rear Admiral Bjorn Muller.

Keila decides to use Eden as her base of operations deceptively turning the Terran Council members against each other. Keila faces overwhelming odds trying to take down the mighty Terran Council that has been dominating the solar system and oppressed the majority of humanity for over 500 years. Keila does, however, have one trump on hand against these overwhelming odds: Her mysterious divine connection. Her visions are leading her way, and with access to the late Abraham Goldstein’s technology, Keila can unveil secrets that will help her free humanity from the oppression of the few elite plutocrats dominating all of humankind.

But, her connection comes at a price. Thus, are the Zetans, controlling Keila as a puppet, indeed better than the Terran Council oppressors she seeks to replace?

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  • Keila Eisenstein
    0 23 Years old
  • Metatron
    Male 37 Years old
  • Bjorn Muller
    Male 40 Years old
  • Rangda
    Male 10000 Years old
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