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I am located in a small well-populated town about 25 miles southeast of Hartford, Connnecticut.

Present Day

The scene occurs in the present time period. Only a very brief mention of the building's history from a century ago is included.
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One seemingly insignificant building in New York City becomes the centerpoint for the most ultimate evil known to mankind. It becomes the site of the ultimate battle between good and evil so far in the history of mankind.


A building in a less populated area of New York City is not supposed to exist. But no one knows that. Not even the city. Yet there are residents but fewer and fewer each week. They are disappearing and no one has caught on to that. Including a woman who is killed by its elevator which shows to the woman inside that it has a life of its own. She ends up smashed to pieces when it free falls from a significantly high floor level all the way to the bottom.

When investigations look into its occurrence, there is no sign of any damage and the elevator looks perfectly normal. There was only the woman's body torn apart but no sign of how she ended up that way.

Police investigations come up with no rational or logical clues. More people disappear, including one of the police officers who was found dead on the elevator. He had gone down to the basement alive but came back up dead. Another officer in the investigation was on his way back from an assignment to the building when a vehicle smashed into him on the road, killing him. The perpetrating vehicle disappeared. The incident was not linked to the building's evil presence.

When the gates of hell are discovered in the basement, a paranormal team is first called in. It becomes beyond their capabilities of handling and they reach out to the catholic church for exorcists. When they are finally approved after a church investigation, they realize that for them, the two priests, it will be a one way ticket. The existence of mankind will depend on their success. Their lives are sacrificed in a most brutal way to save humanity.

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  • Peter Merrick
    Male 40 Years old
  • Victor Brady
    Male 47 Years old
  • Timothy Hendel
    Male 32 Years old
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