The Emerald Lady
The Emerald Lady
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Virginia, United States

The majority of the story take place around the east coast of the America during the American Revolution. But as a sea adventure you will be taken around the world to the Caribbean, India, and the Pacific Island.

Distant Past

A fantasy pirate/mermaid love story set in the golden age of Pirates – 17th – 18th centuries
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A forbidden love and vengeful Queen turns maiden against maiden and good men into pirates.


A fantasy pirate/mermaid love story set in the golden age of Pirates – 17th – 18th centuries
The Rummy Gale is sailing in stormy seas off the coast of America in 1698. It is a Carrack laden with pine lumber from Virginia bound for England. Jeremy Simmons is a midshipman on the commercial vessel, he brought a young boy on to save his family from financial ruin. The ship breaks apart in a hurricane and sinks.
Jeremy puts the boy on a makeshift raft but he is drowning. He sees a large fish or shark coming towards him. He realizes it is a mermaid and he fights to free himself from her. Shera pulls him down to a sunken ship and leaves him there, the ship has air in it.
Shera returns to the Mermaid Queen and asks for help to save Jeremy’s life. The queen refuses to send any other mermaids and forbids Shera to continue to aid him. Shera returns with food. She transforms to a full woman while inside the ship.
After a month the air starts to run out, Shera tries to bring Jeremy to land but they are too far away. They return to the sunken ship and they make love. Jeremy patches the hole in the side and Shera calls on a whale to push the boat over a natural gas field. The ship floats to the surface and the whale dies from pushing the boat.
The Queen is furious with Shera and sends the mermaids to bring the two back to the underwater liar. The Queen curses Shera, taking away her power of transformation, and trapping her in human form, but she must always be surrounded by water. She makes Jeremy immortal; he cannot die as long as Shera is alive. Mermaids live for a thousand years. Shera is only 300 years.
The other mermaids, the Queen’s sister and Shera’s sister go to the Himalaya to seek the help of the dragon. It takes the mermaids nearly a month to reach the top. The dragon connects with the birds to tell the mermaids where Jeremy is. The Queen had Jeremy put back on board the ship, The Emerald Lady. She puts the ship in the Windless Sea where the seaweed is so thick it holds the ship in place. Jeremy is staving and thirsty.
The mermaids nurse Jeremy back to healthy and tell him how they were once the guardians of the Earth. The Spirit tricks Mankind and Mermaid to take him to the tree of life. The Spirit can’t fly all the way there and touching ground transforms him, so he cannot fly from flat ground. The Tree is too far from water to survive the trip alone, but she can find underground. Mankind carries the Spirit who can spot the Tree from above. Mankind taps the Tree and drinks the sap. It turns him human and shortens his life. He stops caring for the Earth.
God punishes the other two by making Mankind and Mermaid incompatible. Mermaids that mate with men give birth to humans; they become human and can never return to the sea. Mermaids that have sex with men can never give birth to a mermaid. Those that never mate give birth to mermaids once every hundred years. Mermaids must return to the sea by the full moon or they become human. The Spirit was turned to a dragon for leading them to the tree.
Once healthy, the mermaids connect with Jeremy through telepathy who can see Shera is chained to a rock in a cave where the water only rises to wet her feet once a day. He cuts the ship free from the seaweed and the dragon sends a wind to push the ship out to sea. The mermaids swim ahead to free Shera and protect her from the Queen.
When Jeremy arrives, months later, the mermaids have carved an elaborate bathtub from solid emerald. It is a translucent and in the shape of the crescent moon. In water Shera’s powers are at their peak, like all mermaids she can control people minds. Jeremy connects with Shera and learns she saved him because he strapped the cabin boy to a piece of the mast and saved his life. She could see his heart and fell in love with him.
The Queen is angry with the other mermaids for aiding the lovers. Jeremy learns one way to break the curse is to kill the Queen. Shera does not want to confront the Queen and wishes they sail away somewhere safe. She uses her powers to attract a crew for the Emerald Lady. Jeremy is driven to sail to New England. The Queen uses her powers on the Governor to have Jeremy arrested as a pirate.
Jeremy is hung and buried. The Queen returns to the sea. Shera suffers the pain of the broken neck. The next night Jeremy neck is healed. He digs his way out of the grave. Jeremy realizes the Queen plans to keep torturing him to punish her daughter. Jeremy vows to track down the Queen. The other mermaids say they will help but cannot aid in her death. They tell Jeremy if he traps her on land during the full moon she will become human and the curse broken.

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  • Jeremy Simmons
    Male 20 Years old
  • Shera
    Female 300 Years old
  • Rehema
    Female 800 Years old
  • Jack Roggies
    Male 12 Years old
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