The Grand Master of Deception
The Grand Master of Deception
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Moscow City, Russian Federation

France Paris, United States Washington D.C., China Nanjing-Bejing, United States Long Island Flander's Bay, Singapore, North China

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End of the 20th century.
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James Markham’s romance with Jennifer, the identical twin sister of his deceased CIA partner, is interrupted by a foreign counterintelligence plot that takes Markham to a monastery in North China where he learns enlightenment and a method of defeating his captor’s counterintelligence plans.


Markham falls in love with his deceased CIA partner’s identical twin sister Jennifer and makes matrimonial plans which are interrupted by an irresistible invitation for Markham to teach his newly developed polygraph lie detection technique to polygraphists in Singapore. The invitation is part of a plot by the China Intelligence Service (CIS) to shanghai him to Nanjing, China to assist them in the development of countermeasures to be used to defeat polygraph tests conducted by the U. S. on their covert agents. Markham’s disappearance from Singapore induces Jennifer to travel to Nanjing to find her fiancé resulting in a botched attempt to rescue Markham, and Jennifer’s arrest for bribery and espionage. Her arrest provides the Chinese CIS with the leverage they needed to elicit Markham’s cooperation in return for Jennifer’s release and safe passage to the U.S. Jennifer is convinced that Markham voluntarily agreed to remain in China to assist them in their Intelligence work and thus is a traitor to his country. After fulfilling his agreement, Markham is incarcerated in a hidden valley in North China for a year, then released and flown to Singapore where he collects his monetary reward, then moves to Paris, an ostracized US citizen with pending criminal charges preventing his return to the U.S. Nevertheless, the truth is discreetly unveiled to the surprise of Markham’s detractors and those who had lost faith in him.

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  • James Markham
    Male 55 Years old
  • Jennifer Templeton
    Female 48 Years old
  • Alex Petrov
    Male 55 Years old
  • Dr. Sunja Lee
    Female 52 Years old
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