The Guns of Lana'i
The Guns of Lana'i
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Lana'i, Hawaii, United States

Pristine, beautiful Hawaiian island.

Distant Past

Hawaiian Islands, 1907.
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Submited by: Terence Clarke (Writer)
Writer(s): Terence Clarke
Agent(s): Terence Clarke: Writing, Film, Video
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The Guns of Lana’i deals with racism in the Pacific islands, the overthrow of a legitimate monarchy by colonialist American interlopers, resistance by native peoples to severe cultural oppression, and the refusal of those cultures to knuckle under.


This project is registered with Writers Guild West. Copyright 2019 Terence Clarke. All rights reserved.

Kimo Severance is a failed bank robber just getting out of the federal prison in Honolulu, having served fifteen years for a botched heist. It is 1907 and, as he observes of himself, “Prison had taken the fired anger that had driven him as a boy, and slowly, inexorably dampened it, so that now he hoped he could simply set up somewhere. The guns, the intrepid madness and the wish to get even…none of that interested him any more. He wanted only to find a place to work on one of the islands. Run some cattle, maybe. Work in a store in one of the villages on Maui. Go fishing.”

Once freed, however, Kimo learns that the partner that betrayed him in the failed bank job is now a successful cattle rancher on the island of Lana’i, a jewel in the Hawaiian chain. Kimo goes there and befriends many of the local Hawaiians who, although in previous generations the rulers of this island, are now subjected to arbitrary and very difficult conditions by the white rancher Tom Morgan, who is the de facto owner of the entire island.

Kimo becomes a major figure in a revolt by the Hawaiians against Morgan’s arbitrary cruelty.

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Cast Wish-List
  • Kimo Severance
    Male 35 Years old
  • El Pituco
    Male 35 Years old
  • Junior Uncle Biggie Alaka'i
    Male 30 Years old
  • Elizabeth Alaka'i
    0 25 Years old
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