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Roscommon, Ireland

An Irish country protestant parsonage and its neighboring town.

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Submited by: Terence Clarke (Writer)
Writer(s): Terence Clarke
Agent(s): Terence Clarke
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A British army colonel and his wife retire to their cherished country home in the Irish Republic, and are confronted by a local Garda police sergeant and others who fought against the British in the Irish Rising of 1919 to 1921.


The completed script is based on John McGahern’s story “Old-Fashioned,” and Terence Clarke has been given permission by the McGahern estate and literary agency (The Agency, London) to represent it to film interests. The project is registered with Writers Guild West. Screenplay copyright 2019, Terence Clarke. All rights reserved.

The story takes place soon after the British invasion of Suez in 1956. It tells of the arrival of a recently retired British army colonel, Evan Sinclair, and his wife Deirdre in County Roscommon, Republic of Ireland, where they have bought an abandoned Protestant parsonage. The couple plans to refurbish the parsonage and live out their retirement there. They make the acquaintance of a talented local Irish boy, Johnny Frazer, a Catholic, and employ him to help with the project. The relationship grows to one of considerable affection. The trouble is that the boy’s father, Brian Frazer, a sergeant in the local Irish police, is a former terrorist member of the Irish Republican Army, and abhors the idea that his son would have anything to do with Brits.

The boy Johnny comes to love the British couple, appreciating their kindness and regard for him. That regard grows to such a degree that Colonel Sinclair suggests that Johnny attend the Sandhurst military academy in Britain. The suggestion so enflames Brian that he forbids his son to have any further contact with Colonel and Mrs. Sinclair. The resultant struggle for the soul of Johnny Frazer is the center of the film.

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Cast Wish-List
  • Evan Sinclair
    Male 55 Years old
  • Deirdre Sinclair
    Female 40 Years old
  • Johnny Frazer
    Male 17 Years old
  • Charlie McGahern
    Male 60 Years old
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