The IVF Guide: What You Need to Know about Fertility, Infertility and Available Treatment Options
The IVF Guide: What You Need to Know about Fertility, Infertility and Available Treatment Options
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This is a non-fiction book.
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Submited by: Ahmet Ozyigit (Writer)
Writer(s): Ahmet Ozyigit
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The IVF Guide empowers its readers to ask the right questions when it comes to their fertility needs and treatment options.


IVF Treatment is a very personal journey- one with ups and downs. While there might be loads of information on infertility out there, it is very difficult to find the right information that fits your unique needs. Search for the right treatment option begins with the understanding that every patient is unique and standard treatments do not produce the same outcome for everyone.

This concise and accessible overview of reproductive medicine in the 21st century seeks to demystify in vitro fertilization for prospective parents and students. The IVF Treatment Guide walks readers through the fundamentals of human reproductive anatomy and physiology as well as disease processes that cause infertility. This guidebook also highlights various fertility testing methods and treatment options that are currently available or on the horizon. By blending the latest in scientific and medical research with the authors' own clinical experience, The IVF Treatment Guide offers unique insights into the science and art of reproductive medicine and in vitro fertilization.

The growing phenomenon of medical tourism has enabled prospective parents to transcend physical borders, local regulations, and monetary restrictions with just a passport and an airline ticket. Countries across the globe now offer high-quality fertility testing and treatment, often at a fraction of the cost. The IVF Treatment Guide empowers prospective parents to ask the right questions and make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

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