The Edgewater Legacy
The Edgewater Legacy
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Los Angeles, California, United States

Throughout the 1980s, much of the Los Angeles basin and San Fernando Valley were being built out. Melrose Avenue and Venice Beach became funky, hip neighborhoods. Ethnic and immigrant communities flourished. The 1984 Olympics heralded a new age of architecture and set the stage for Los Angeles to become a global city.

Recent Past

During the 1980's, studios lost billions of dollars and became a symbol for the worst kind of excess in an industry this is hardly known for moderation. Heap on enough hype, and the software-hungry corporate giants would fight to swallow any expense in the all-important name of market share. The pop music industry was consumed by greed, egos, rivalries, cynicism, and a blockbuster mentality that deflated artists' careers and gouged consumers with artificially inflated prices.
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It's I983. A battle rages in the office suites of the world's record companies between the old and new approach to musicmaking. When a naive young singer overdoses on drugs, Chris Kingsley embarks on a dangerous journey to expose a blockbuster mentality that deflates careers and gouges consumers.


Chris Kingsley arrived in Los Angeles with dreams of making in as a producer in the music industry. Tall and good-looking with the appearance of studied casualness, he had the sheen of someone who spent time in the gym and in expensive clothing stores. He had been attending the University of Chicago when a representative for Tony Dixon, a flashy record company executive, recruited him to work as a chart man for Music Box Records in Los Angeles. For 19-year-old Chris Kingsley, it had seemed like a dream job.

Hollywood in the eighties generally followed the ethos of Wall Street, but it had added its own twist to the covetous attitudes of the go-go years. The industry was filled with people who consistently indulged their aggressive and self -destructive impulses. It was about dope; it was about music; it was about parties; it was about spending money. Chris accepted all this with an opportunistic eye. He knew that there was money to be made in the industry if one had the right connections.

When Sammie Gentry breezed into his life on the winds of youthful enthusiasm, Chris was immediately smitten. She had been singing backup and opening for some of the big country acts in Nashville when Tony Dixon spotted her. He had convinced her that her brand of cross-over country would sell well in the L.A. market. Chris did his best to warn her about the perils of Hollywood, but she was determined to prove him wrong.

It isn’t long before Sammie is lured into a world of sex, drugs and parties. Sammie and her career fall victim to a blockbuster mentality whose hunger for hits often went beyond financial reason. Tony can’t resist an attractive offer to sell out to Silver Bullet Entertainment out of Nashville. But in exchange for a huge buy-out, Tony is sidelined along with his influence. In the process, Sammie is tossed aside while greedy corporate executives pursue the next big hit to feed the public’s hunger for pop music. No one notices when she overdoses on drugs during a huge music industry party.

But Chris is devastated.

He enlists the aid of Britt, his beautiful coworker, to embark on a journey to expose the graft and corruption that runs rampant throughout the industry. Smaller companies like Silver Bullet are being gobbled up by large Japanese conglomerates at a phenomenal rate. Chris soon discovers that the shadowy head of Silver Bullet Entertainment is an ex-con who figured prominently in the death of his father. As Chris probes deeper into his past, he uncovers a hidden connection that has haunted his family for years.

When Chris narrowly escapes death from a hit-and-run driver, he begins to question his motives. If he tows the company line, he stands to rake in riches beyond his imagination. But his moral conscience is haunted by the memory of Sammie Gentry and dozens of other musicians whose careers have been ruined by corporate greed.

And then there is Britt. As their relationship blossoms, Chris’s dilemma is heightened. Does he really have the right to put her life in danger as well?

When the FBI enters the case, Chris is suspicious at first, but Britt convinces him to cooperate. Together they hatch a plan to bring down the industry leaders that have deflated artists’ careers and gouged consumers. But the road is dangerous and full of unknowns. For Chris and his family, it’s a journey that can either drive them apart or cement them together.

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