The Little Town with the Big Heart
The Little Town with the Big Heart
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Historical Home in beautiful rural east Texas setting

Distant Past

From Civil War days until present
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Submited by: Michael Hawron (Writer)
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Globe-trotter Michael J. Hawron and his wife Annette settled down in New Boston, Texas, nearly twenty years ago. His stories prove that an awful lot can happen in a small town…


Home isn’t necessarily where you were born. And no one knows that better than world traveler Michael J. Hawron. He met his Danish wife in Hong Kong while doing missionary work, and their children were born in various cities around the world.

But now, home for the Hawrons is New Boston, Texas, in a historical house they happened upon by chance. The Little Town with the Big Heart is a compilation of the little memories, big coincidences, and obscure little facts that set this small town apart from big city living in a big way.

From the auspiciously smooth home birth of their youngest son, P. J., to the quirks that make New Boston a gem in the rural Texas countryside, Hawron captures the humor—and heart—of home in this fascinating memoir.

People are often surprised when they learn of the worldwide adventures of Michael J. Hawron—not just because of the extent of his travels or the remarkable experiences he’s had, but because he’s made a life with his family in the small town of New Boston, Texas.

Putting down roots in a town thousands of miles away from the people you know can be as harrowing as immigrating to an entirely new country, but the right house, in the right town, with the right people can make all the difference in the world.

After settling in New Boston during an unplanned detour, Hawron has learned that though life in rural Texas is often quiet and serene, that doesn’t mean that it’s boring. The history of the region, the values, the people in the community, and the rich genealogical and political heritage in the area make for many interesting tales about Hawron’s idyllic corner of paradise.

After chronicling his intercontinental adventures in his last book, Entertaining Detours, Hawron was determined to capture the nostalgic charm of his late-found hometown, and The Little Town with the Big Heart was born.

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