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San Antonio, Tx, Texas, United States

Texas and Arizona

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Early 1980's
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Two women find a rare coin and play a cat and mouse game with some thieves on their way to see relatives in Arizona.


The Loose Quarter
Ruby and Thelma are waiting to board a bus in San Antonio, Texas. While they are sitting waiting a quarter falls out of someone's suitcase and veers toward the pair. Thelma covers it up with her foot and the two decide what to do with the coin. The bus attendant comes on the loudspeaker and says that someone has misplaced a rare coin in the terminal. Ruby and Thelma decide to hang onto the quarter and board the bus. The owner of the coin also boards the bus. Ruby and Thelma later decide the take the bus and flee with the rare coin. They later ditch the bus and rent a car. After renting the car they meet Harry Waller who informs them that they are wanted by the police for stealing the bus. The pair teams up with Harry and decide to stay on the road. They are later outfoxed by the thieves and the rare quarter is taken from them. Harry and the pair are at a nightclub and Harry decides to hire two cocktail singers called the Corvette Sisters. The sisters are able to get the coin back, but Harry ends up running off with the coin. Harry later comes clean and decides he is going to give the coin back. The police later get involved and they find out the coin is actually a rare coin and is stolen from a wealthy couple in Dallas. The thieves are finally put in jail but it turns out one of the thieves brother has come to bail him out of jail. Ruby and Thelma go back to Texas with the thought of someone coming back to seek revenge

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  • Jane Fonda
    Jane Fonda as Ruby
    Female 65 Years old
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