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Marysfield, Texas, United States

The story mostly takes place in and around a small West Texas town. Other locations include: El Paso, London, Thailand, Shanghai, Siem Reap, and the mountains of Mexico.

Present Day

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A London conman comes to West Texas expecting to dupe the hayseed locals out of their land. Instead he finds an alien invasion ready to take over the world.


This trilogy follows Trevor, a London conman, as he searches for the meaning of life, and instead finds love, family, and community. Written in the tone of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Good Omens, this trilogy is a lighthearted look at the end of the world.
The orphan Trevor was raised by his older gangster brother Barney, the young man was out to prove his worth. However, Trevor never fit into the unlawful way of life of his brother. He preferred the more mystical, esoteric, and bizarre methods to make a living.
One day he spotted a tabloid news story about unexplained lights in the skies around the small town of Marysfield Texas, he hatched his cunning plan, to buy up as much local property as possible, and with a little push he planned to turn the sleepy little town of Marysfield into the next Sedona or Taos. A place to attract every New Aged weirdo the world offered. Anything to earn the respect from his older brother, and his questionable business associates.
After convincing Barney the financial gains to be made, Trevor packed up and flew to Texas. The strange people that called Marysfield home shocked him. From the locals drinking beer for breakfast, to the beautiful yoga instructor-crystal seller… Crystal. He falls down a rabbit hole in the shape of a turn of the century deserted mine and finds an old Russian hiding out from the KGB, even if they have not been around for decades.
No matter where he turns events grow stranger by the day, spiraling out of control, as if he ever controlled anything. Before long the town is overrun by VW vans filled with Hippies wearing Hawaiian print shirts and khakis.
Local politically connected men, the sheriff, even two men in black suits take a growing interest in Trevor and the woman that has taken to helping him, Crystal. All hell is about to break loose in the tiny town and Trevor has no way to stop it.
Everything comes to a head while the aliens host a huge rave party far from services in the middle of the desert. It is up to Trevor and a ragtag group of Texans to ride in on horseback and save the day.
While Government powers converge to stop the party; a fateful mistake sets in motion the end of the world.
Book two continues the story five years after the end of book one. We learn that the aliens never left Earth, rather stranger more sinister plots are underway. The governments of the world refused to acknowledge the events in the Texas desert as the invasion it was. Now they are finding it harder to ignore.
A large ball of nothing takes over a mountain valley in Northern Mexico. The darkness announces a new event ready to take the world by storm. Trevor probably would have ignored the whole thing, if he hadn’t witnessed the darkness himself.
The amazon warrior Svetlana, the crazy hermit Russian’s personal assistant/guard, contacts Trevor and his family. The Russian has important news for Trevor, concerning him and his family.
All over the world, people are turning up dead, the life sucked from their bodies turning them into people jerky. Stranger still sacks of flesh are being found. These piles of empty skin were once the Hippies wearing Hawaiian print shirts and khakis.
Crystal’s twin Misty is wreaking havoc on the world, causing war and death everywhere she goes. The Khaki clad aliens are under attack and someone might be coming after Trevor and his family soon.
While Misty and her Goth followers, murder their way around the globe, Crystal has been busy taking her new daughter to every party she can find. The blonde alien has changed, no longer the deep-thinking yogi, she is now the world’s biggest party girl. Out to teach Elle everything she needs to know about how to go through life without paying a dime.
A twist at the end, reveals the true villain behind the attacks on Crystal and Misty’s followers. Mister Death, the killer of worlds.
Mister Death has come to town. He wants the Earth for himself, and he is ready to murder anyone, even the twins Misty and Crystal to gain his prize.
In book three, all those that stand to die if Death takes over, join forces against Death and his followers. Humans, Hippies, and Goths gather at a not so secret base in West Texas to plan their defense of the world.
The battles rage over the globe, while the clock ticks down to the end of the war and humanity. The last fight culminates where it all began five years earlier, at the site of the failed New Aged Rave.
How will the world, the universe… even history itself survive the coming apocalypse?

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Cast Wish-List
  • Danial Radcliffe
    Danial Radcliffe as Trevor
    Male 28-30 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Keke Palmer
    Keke Palmer as Crystal
    Male 20-30 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Rosario Dawson
    Rosario Dawson as Shannon Yazzie
    Female 35-45 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Ming-Na Wen
    Ming-Na Wen as Grace
    Female 50+ Years old
    © Getty Images
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