The Pencil Case
The Pencil Case
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Inverell, Armidale, Walcha, Melbourne, Singapore, New South Wales, Australia

The story moves through the New England region of NSW, beginning in a remote rural area near Inverell and moving through orphanages in Armidale and Walcha, homes in Moree and Tamworth, to an army training school, then to Singapore and back to Wagga, Armidale and Dubbo.

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Early 1950s to present.
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Stolen from family at age 7, Paul Wilson fights endless torment, until a lawyer joins him on a journey into the past to find the man Paul might have been. Shining a light on social crime, Paul's story is as action-packed as it is emotive.


A hit on the head with a pencil case began Paul Wilson's lifelong battle against the system and the pencil-pushers who tormented him... but nothing could break his indomitable spirit. A fifth generation, native-born white Australian, Paul was a stolen child. Bureaucrats stole him twice. So-called ‘women of God’ and a misguided carer stole his identity, his heritage and his self-respect.

Join Paul as he takes his lawyer on a journey through time, from the post-war home of a poverty-stricken Australian family, to a cold, harsh Catholic Orphanage, into foster homes and an Anglican Boys’ Home, to an army training school for boys, and through an eventful adult life desperately searching for identity, acceptance, love and peace.

Like "Oranges and Sunshine" and "The Rabbit Proof Fence", this story exposes social crimes of the past, and is a story that cries out to be told. Action-packed, it moves through a range of interesting locations to expose unusual and intriguing life experiences and invites reflection on tough questions about child welfare. It may sadden or enrage, but it reassures us of the beauty and strength of the human spirit and the power of family love.

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  • Paul Wilson
    Male 5 - 65 Years old
  • Ernest Stanley (Ern)
    Male 44 Years old
  • Frances Wilson
    Female 20 - 60 Years old
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