The Republic of Jack
The Republic of Jack
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An ambitious Texas gubernatorial candidate who inadvertently triggers independence becomes president of a resurgent Republic of Texas.


Jack Cowherd wants to be elected governor of Texas. Toward that end he will say or do anything, even climb into bed with the secessionist wing of the Texas Patriot Party. The rest of the country is none too happy with such talk, and when Jack wins the election the American president cites a long forgotten clause in the 1845 Treaty of Annexation to throw Texas out of the Union.
At first Jack revels in his new-found status as president of a resurgent Republic of Texas. But things go south when an NFL game is canceled because the visiting Houston team lacks work visas. Mexico occupies south Texas, the city of El Paso secedes, and the Comanche swoop down from Oklahoma to reclaim the Texas Panhandle.
When firebrands in the Texas Congress declare war on Mexico, Jack realizes he must stop the madness. But when he speaks out in opposition to the war, he is impeached and arrested for treason. Jack never intended to tear his country apart. Now he must figure out a way to put it back together.

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