The Rossini Trilogy
The Rossini Trilogy
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The story starts briefly in Italy and later moves to New York.

Distant Past

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Submited by: Rosemary Dronchi (Writer)
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This fast-paced story is about the reunion of Italian twin brothers who were separated at birth. In the midst of the Second World War, the brothers find themselves fighting together against common enemies, the evil Nazi leader Hitler and the equally cruel Italian dictator Mussolini.


The murder happens in Reggio di Calabria in 1906 in the small
cottage behind the big house, where Agostino Rossini, the bastard
son of Vittorio Batista and Alessandra Rossini witnesses his mother, an
exquisite, loving woman, beaten to death with a silver handle walking
stick. The murderer, his grandfather, Carlo Batista, a wealthy banker.
Agostino comes into the world in 1901. For five years, he and
his mother live behind the big house, The House of Batista which
defines beauty and wealth, where his father lived as a young man, and
is a house with no heart.
His father, Vittorio Batista, President of Banca Batista, a handsome,
charismatic man, who has claimed to love Alessandra Rossini, watches
the brutal murder, and then with the help of Izzo, the wine master,
rolls her body in a carpet and buries her. In shock, and with no
memory of the tragedy, his father sends Agostino to an orphanage
in Sorrento, Italy.
Ten years later, he runs away to Positano, where he meets Giovanni
Lanza, a handsome, educated boy, and his sister, Francesca. For one
year he lives with the Lanza family and becomes a shoemaker. He falls
in love with Francesca, who is beautiful and educated in Switzerland.

They have a lot in common including a love of the classics, American
novels and art, and spending more time in museums.
Despite no memory of the trauma, Agostino experiences an inner
voice telling him that if he stays in Italy, something bad will happen.
Before leaving for the United States, he promises Francesca, that he’ll
return for her after he makes something of himself.
After completing the grueling experience of Ellis Island, he finds
himself alone on the streets of New York City with no money. Even
though he’s educated, and speaks some English, he can’t find a job.
Eventually, he discovers a Fifth Avenue shoe store owned by Sidney
Rosenberg, who hires him.
His ability to fashion exceptional shoes elevates Agostino to
Rosenberg’s finest shoemaker. He also attends night school and New
York City College, and eventually they purchase real estate together.
In the intervening years, the elderly patriarch, Carlo Batista becomes
more powerful, forming ties with Mussolini, the Vatican and the Mafia.
Batista is concerned that Agostino remembers the night of the
murder and will expose him to the authorities. When his informant
notifies him that Agostino is sailing to Italy, he hires The Leopard, an
assassin, to execute Agostino, before he leaves the ship.
When Rossini’s ship docks in Naples, he receives a message to meet
the head of the Criminal Investigation Department, Captain Fiori
Michelangelo. The captain informs Agostino that there’s a contract
on his life and there’s no way he can be protected if he leaves the
ship. He has a choice, spend the next few days in the luxury of his
stateroom until the ship sails back to New York, or spend the time in
jail where he will be safe.
Before the month is over, the Captain acquires evidence of
Alexandra’s murder, and arrests Agostino’s grandfather, father and
the assassin called The Leopard, who Agostino thinks is his half-brother,
Carlo Vittorio Batista.
Because the older Batista has ties with Mussolini, within hours, the
group is released and none are put on trial.
With the help of Marco Fellini, his friend, and former fiancé of
Alessandra, Agostino buys out the Banca Batistas, and changes the
name to Banca Rossini. He also takes control of more than a thousand
acres of Batista property, including the House of Batista. With the terrible memories associated with the house, Agostino decides to
return to America.
While packing, Agostino uncovers his parents’ journals, and learns
about his father’s obsessive love affair with his seventeen years old
mother, whom Vittorio had promised to marry. Instead, his father
marries a wealthy socialite, and both women become pregnant at the
same time.
This knowledge convinces Agostino that he will never be happy
in Italy, so he asks Francesca to marry him. Within a week after the
wedding, they sail to New York City.
Meanwhile, back in America, the Stock Market crashes.
After Agostino meets his twin brother, Carlo, who shows him
proof of their birth, he refuses to believe the facts. He digs out the
journals for some kind of verification, and in his father’s journal, in
his father’s own hand writing, discovers that he and his brother were
separated at birth by their mentally deranged father. The man paid off
the doctors and nurses to sedate both women, and kept them under
sedation until the deception was complete.
Agostino stays with his mother, Alessandra, and Carlo is given to
his father’s wife, Camille, who delivers a still born. Neither women
know the circumstances.
Once home, and with a fortune in tack, he and Sidney Rosenberg,
help their friends who didn’t have the foresight to get out of the
Market before it bottomed out.
Early summer, a pregnant Francesca is at their summer home on
Long Island with her maid preparing for Sidney and Rebecca’s wedding.
There is a gas explosion that kills their maid. Luckily, Francesca escapes
the disaster with her life and that of her unborn child. The thought
that the assassin follows them to New York haunts Rossini. With the
help of Rebecca, he hires Robert McCabe, a former attorney, to be
Francesca’s bodyguard.
When Giovanni Lanza, Lucia and Fioro Michelangelo come to
New York City for the births of Rossini’s twins, they find the Chicago
gangster who has been a threat to the Rossini family. He is arrested,
but released by Lieutenant Doyle, of the New York City Police.
It would be many years before the brothers would meet again.

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