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Rawlins, Wyoming, United States

Wyoming desert 60 miles north of Rawlins. Theme park dedicated to study of intersteller travel.

Present Day

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"I am concerned most of us don’t have the skills to wander to or from the confines of rote knowledge. It appears to be a learned skill. Perhaps experience teaches us best. The thing is... out there, in space, we have no experience. The Earth is the Box.”


In a remote part of the Wyoming desert, a theme park opens to the public. Ostensibly, it is a science park to teach the science and art of future interstellar space travel. Nearby a full-scale mock-up of the ship lays in cradles. Scientists, engineers, mathematicians, corporate leaders are seen moving high tech equipment into the ship as they explore ideas for how to adapt new and conventional science into a similar vessel that could one day explore the universe.
Parts of the interior are complete and open to the public. Others are still under construction. Theaters host seminars, lectures and science documentaries on subjects related to interstellar travel. Even though the park is well off the beaten path in the Wyoming desert, people flock to it mesmerized by the possibilities. Angels Landing becomes the most visible, iconic, and dedicated science park in the world whose dimensions exceed the boundary of Earth itself.

A veteran Navy Lieutenant, now civilian, visits the theme park and is enthralled by the surroundings and presentations. The more she learns the more she has doubts. Something is amiss. It is all too convincing. There is more to this theme park then meets the eye. What could it be?

Could it be real?

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  • Hannah Parish
    Female 31 Years old
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