The Sky Temple
The Sky Temple
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fictional world therefore is not within our world. It is a world all to itself in called 'Sky', a world that is light years away from our own, one that has beings much like our own but also not. their world is mainly covered in water, sand and only one place in the entire planet that holds all things green. This world also has a magical barrier around it that can only be reached through if they so allow it.

Fictitious World

A world full of magic and beings of all kinds but only three are known to the world thus far; human like beings as they call them 'the souls', angels and half angels and, demon and half demons. this world has a temple floating in the skies known to all as 'The Sky Temple', being is where the three gods of this world are within. three gods of the three beings but only one of them are the true creator this world called 'Sky', the one known as 'The soul god', a god that even the other gods fear being no one knows what he truly is. This world of sky has four kingdoms all of which are different in view from one another.
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three gods of power, law of love in affect, a curse of sorrow taking those with sorrow in their hearts to end their own lives and a temple floating in the sky to where the three gods of power resign. Who is to say what will happen in this twisting journey through, 'The Sky Temple'.


The sky temple is a temple floating within the skies of the world known as 'Sky'. This world is ruled and maintained by three gods; the moon god of the demons, the angel god of the angels and the soul god of the humans and anything else that would come about this world.

There are two possible ways to get to the temple walls; one possible way is with a powerful jewel given to this world by another in which they made into a necklace in calling it 'The portal necklace'. Although these jewels are powerful, only a select few can withhold such a thing. Those of the royal families are among such beings along with those most trusted by the gods and of the royal families may possess one as well.

However, the gods are not the final say so on who gets one for the jewel itself chooses who will wear them. This portal jewel can take the person wearing it anywhere in the world of sky including that of the sky temple walls. The only other way to get to these walls is by death, in then you would be permitted to live in the 'City of Sky', that which lay dormant behind the temple walls.

The world of sky is as it should be until one fateful day came with a mysterious guest who somehow came with a jewel much like their own though the color had been slightly different from their own. With his sad eyes he faced the three gods. He had claimed to be named Deterring and had brought with him a message to help find and return his missing queen whom had fallen to this world by mistake.

Until she is found he had been told not to leave and had been forced to bring with him a curse of sorts that would be much like a war seeing as their people will be ending their own lives with the sorrows within them consuming them until they feel no other way out is that but death. They will take anyone with them that would so try to stop them in being is why it is now called 'War of sorrow'.

With hearing about this curse the gods became furious and were about ready to end the boy's life but the boy with sorrow tears had indicated that killing him will not stop the curse for it is not in his hands that it is being brought forth to them, it is by the god of his world. With this being said and the sorrow in his eyes being great, the gods had calmed themselves and enforced themselves to prepare for the new threat they had now come across.

With a law of love given by the angel god, you are not allowed to love a being not your own and being so still stood beings who choose to do so anyway, making it a forbidden love, this including the children of the gods themselves. Will love conquer all or will sorrow consume all that is pure in this twisting world of sky? Find out in the mysterious and twisting journey through ' The Sky Temple'.

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Cast Wish-List
  • Ian Somerhalder
    Ian Somerhalder as Damien Black
    Male 28 Years old
  • Joseph Morgan
    Joseph Morgan as Skylar angel A.K.A. the angel god
    Male ageless Years old
  • Candice King
    Candice King as Takara angel A.K.A the angel queen
    Female 26 Years old
  • Jensen Ackles
    Jensen Ackles as The soul god or better known as Shade
    Male ageless Years old

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