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Posted: Jun 20, 2017
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Kentucky US
Distant Future

A telekinetic girl must leave her life of solitude and face her greatest fears--losing another loved one and fighting for her life.

It’s been many generations since the Vitium War. In the ruins of what was once Appalachia, the population has split into three groups—upworlders who live in sparse, walled off cities, albino cave dwellers, and a group of savage nomads called the Wylden. Then there’s Erilyn—a telekinetic 17-year-old girl who can see auras and hear thoughts. For three years she lived a quiet, calm life in the woods with Luna, her albino serval cat, until the day Finn—an upworld boy from Sunnybrook—stumbles, injured, into her clearing, chased by Wylden hunters. Erilyn’s once calm life is turned upside down as she guardedly travels with Finn back to Sunnybrook. There she must confront both the secrets of her past—the cave dwellers she ran from as a child and the bittersweet memories she daily tries to forget—and Morrigan, the girl who broke Finn’s heart and who’s harboring her own a dangerous secret.

In alternating chapters told in Erilyn and Finn’s voices, in a style similar to Veronica Rossi, Frantz explores segregated societies and how vitium—the product of hundreds of years of pollution—affects this post-war world, which has startling parallels to our present.

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Cast Wish-List

Skyler Day as Erilyn

Gender:Female | Age:17
The female protagonist. A 17 year old telekinetic, telepathic empath, who lives alone and wild in t...
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Drew Roy as Finley

Gender:Male | Age:18
Male protagonist. An artistic, strong type who lives in an upward town and works as a carpenter.
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Karen Gillan as Lucy

Gender:Female | Age:15
A tough, loving, cheerful girl who takes Erilyn under her wing when she's introduced into this...
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Ashley Holat as Morrigan

Gender:Female | Age:18
Morrigan is the main antagonist. She's strong, smart, beautiful, and determined to get whateve...
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