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Winter Park, Florida, United States

We filmed this in Winter Park, but it's supposed to be in a location that is in the South surrounded by whimsical trees in a town with not much to do.

Present Day

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An underpriveledged teenager attempts to run from her troubles and happens upon a group of wanderers who confronts her with an ultimatum; to travel the world and leave everything behind or retrace her steps back home. Which path will she follow?


Anne Jacobson is a dreamer, who has been tirelessly saving up money for the vacation to Europe her and her mother have dreamt of for years. The film opens with Anne’s mother breaking the news that the trip will once again have to be postponed because repairs on the house must be prioritized. Heartbroken and in despair Anne rips down the posters on her wall, representations of her aspirations to travel. Crumbling into her bed, defeated, an almost otherworldly light comes from her bedroom window. Entranced, Anne curiously walks towards it and disappears out the window. Anne soon finds herself in a forest, unbeknownst to her she is witnessed picking up a bird’s nest and gently placing it back on a branch. Suddenly, two bohemians, Blossom and Spruce appear, greeting her, and praise her selfless act. In the process Anne is startled and cuts her arm on a branch. The two formally introduce themselves and upon witnessing Anne’s injury Blossom offers to take her back to their camp so she can help mend her wound. Anne reluctantly goes with them, intrigued and lured by their enchanting aura.

Their camp is filled with beautiful artifacts, colorful foreign tapestries, and unbounded global atmosphere that wraps Anne in a golden warmth immediately. Anne is swept up by all the wonderments of their camp, Blossom wraps her wound, offering for Anne to stay awhile, and Spruce excitedly replaces Anne’s muddy shoes with more comfortable slippers, same as the ones they wear. They began to breathlessly show Anne all their worldly artifacts, and international jewelry, showing off their excitement just as Anne can’t contain her own. Anne falls in love with the place and expresses how she wishes her dilapidated home could be like their camp. She begins to reveal to them her dreams of traveling the world, her desire to see Europe with her mother, and her anguish with how things turned out.

Blossom asks Anne, “What if we told you, you don’t need money to travel?”. Blossom and Spruce reveal a portal that can take Anne anywhere she wants to go. Blossom tells her “they are wanderers, they travel in the blink of an eye, always exploring, and that they’ve been looking for another wanderer.” Anne immediately jumps at the opportunity, Spruce asks her where to first, and Anne of course picks Ireland. The catch however, is that once they leave she can never return home. Anne is once again disheartened; she knows that despite everything her heart desires lying in front of her, it is her mother who she truly cares about. Anne apologizes; traveling just wouldn’t be the same without her mother, she removes her slippers and runs out of their camp.

Upon returning home, she finds her mother trying to repair her ripped posters, and placing them back on her wall. Anne tells her mother that she had gotten lost in the woods, and lost her shoes in the process. Anne’s mother gives her a gift, opening it Anne finds a pair of shoes, a symbol to Anne of what really means the most to her. Her mother apologizes that they aren’t able to go to Europe, Anne understandably accepts that fact, and proposes that one day they will go, together. Anne takes her ripped poster of Ireland as her and her mother place it back on the wall together, suggesting their plan to mend their dream together.

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